Miss BB In The House

I got introduced to two new products recently. And I’m trying out both to see if they both work as touted.
One is the famous BB Cream from Korea.

Korean bb cream from etude house
Korean Magic BB cream from etude house

Soh Peng who came to stay a few weeks ago shared that she was a big-time user of this Korean face product. It’s a very natural-looking, non-cakey foundation-moisturizer-concealer. In fact, she admitted that Singaporeans are crazy over this facial product. She bought a whole carton of it when she travelled to Korea.
So I got intrigued. Was it really so good?
Soh Peng, bless her soul, even took me to Etude House in Queensbay Mall just to show me what it was. I wasn’t unconvinced, just a bit overwhelmed by the products in Etude House. (Other shops like The FaceShop also carry BB Creams. Even SaSa I heard. And most Korean beauty shops in all their pink and sweet-little-girl glory. Shiver! Too much pink is scary!)
The thing which I liked best was it’s an all-in-one product which I heard became popular after some Korean actress divulged that she used it and she had lovely, dewy skin. BB stands for Blemish Balm and story has it that it was a recommended formula for Korean actresses who had done laser surgery! It’s soothing and rejuvenating at the same time.
In the end, I went back to Etude House and bought one tube of Magic BB Cream (they had a 20% sale of this item) so I bought it for RM38. The easy part is, there’s no shade to choose from, unlike concealers and foundations. You only chose for your skin type – for oily skin, for normal skin or with SPF.
It’s easy to apply BB Cream. Just dot it on your face and massage in as you would your regular moisturizer. You are done in less than a minute. I’ve stopped using my ZA Concealer too and just rely on BB Cream for that quick made-up face without a made-up look or feel.
Initially my face looked whiter than my neck but after 5 to 10 minutes of application, the cream magically blends in with my skin colour! (I think that is why it is called Magic BB Cream.) It gives a smoother appearance but my T-Zone starts looking oily after 2 hours! That’s the only thing which I hate. It gives me too much of a dewy look!
I’ll have to use it for a longer period in order to really see if I like this Korean product though I think it could be very useful for travel.
Actually I also liked the Etude lip tint and wanted to buy that but Nic warned me against it. The bottle of lip tint looks like blood. You just apply it on your lips and you get this natural reddish hue, like you bit your lips very hard and the blood rushed to your lips. Ah, too many vampire series maybe!
I can see how Korean beauty products are fascinating particularly in helping create a nubile young look. I call it the Big Eye look. You know, those girls with heart-shaped faces, big eyes and long lashes and small, pink pouty lips. Oh and fair of skin. Let’s not forget that. You can re-create that Big Eye look with tinted contact lenses (my, what big irises you have).
And I will tell you more about Mr Bawang real soon too….. he’s another latest discovery!