Why I Stayed…And Other Such Rubbish

I know I’m supposed to regale you with my traveller’s log but I had to interrupt and put that on hold for a while while I get this off my chest.
This topic bugged me to no end especially after I watched last night’s Oprah Winfrey show where this pastor’s wife spoke about her husband’s infidelity and wrote a book titled “Why I Stayed”. Yes, you guessed it right. She stayed put in the marriage after her husband confessed that he took drugs and had a gay lover!
“I loved him and I still do.” She said something to that effect.
Of course locally we don’t have to look too far for such marital trangressions.
What I still cannot understand (and no, don’t tell me that personal is personal and public is public because when one is in the public eye, everything is public but try telling this to our Malaysian politicians!) is that some have the gall to bounce back victoriously!
Yeah, so Malaysian politicians are cheap.
Tell me about it. They’re cheap and men”siahsuay”kan.
Even after their bed prowess videos have been circulated like no one’s business, they’re still back in business. Either some voters are as blind as masturbating bats or they really think a man without morals can lead them. Either way, that party’s going to the dogs.
But his wife. His wife stuck to him. Weathered the damn storm with him.
And of course, that great drama by Jack Neo during the press conference not too long ago in Singapore takes the cake for him being the most cowardly man who got found out for infidelity.
Not only did he not dare to face the media alone (come on, where are your balls?), he dragged his poor wife with him, traumatising the woman to no end. I used to have great respect for Jack although his movies are on the preachy side and sounds like the Singaporean Government mouthpiece at times. I thought he had heart. He made REAL movies. It’s sad that even men like that can be brought down by sheer lust and power.
And let’s not forget people like Tiger. But he’s old news now that he’s back in the golf circuit. All’s forgiven because without this man on the green, there really isn’t much to cheer about for golf is it? At least Tiger was man enough NOT to drag his wife into his press conference.
But my point is, why do women stay on?
Why do they stay on and give their men a second chance? Or am I the only ruthless, heartless one?
Why do they quietly accept that men are men and they will stray? Or do they accept that no matter how far the man strays, he will still come back to the home?
What about women? If women strayed, will their husbands be as forgiving?
Someday I would like to meet with women whose husbands have strayed and I really want to interview them and understand why they stayed.
I wouldn’t. I couldn’t live with myself if I did.
Would you? Could you?