For Merdeka Day

May we really embody the colours of Merdeka and not be hypocrites. We may say something but the media says something else. Especially media which panders to their own racial group and become ‘batu api’.
May we really mean what we say when we say we are one nation. This nation consists of people who were never natives to begin with. We’re all migrants, with mixed ancestries and blood. The only true natives are the ones who still need our help.
May we really honour each other and respect each other. I don’t want to ‘tolerate’ you because in my mind, tolerate just means I need patience because I need to bear with you.
May we truly understand what being sensitive is about. Let’s not be sensitive about the wrong issues. Why can’t there be healthy discussion and debate? Why must everything be “you don’t know, therefore you should not comment”?
May we truly be sincere when we say we want to become better Malaysians. That means stop bribing the cops, stop acting like the bourgeoisie that you are, stop pushing your kids to be top scorers, stop throwing rubbish, stop being stupid and juvenile.
May we understand that the enemy is not within. There has never been an enemy within. The enemy is all in your head.
May we live up to what Yasmin always imagined in her mini story adverts.
May we celebrate our freedom and independence from shortsightedness and mediocrity.
May we celebrate the uniqueness that we are Malaysian.
Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka to you and me. We need to remind ourselves what 53 years of independence really mean. Especially now. Especially when this is as much my home as it is yours.