I Succumbed… and Went to the PC Fair

I don’t like admitting this but I actually willed myself not to visit this year’s PC Fair (which ended yesterday at PISA). But I did. I succumbed and plunged into the crowd of IT-mad people, pushing and jostling each other to get their nerdy fingers on the latest technological gizmo.
I didn’t want to go yesterday (a Sunday) because Penangites will wait till the last minute to shop for bargains. The belief is, you get more for your money on the last day of the 3-day fair as the sellers will mark down most stuff (bigger and bulkier stuff like printers) as they won’t want to cart such stuff back to their shops and warehouses. Which means you will see MORE people lugging boxes of printers and IT gadgets out of the fair on the last day.
Anyway, I knew if I went, I’d just go and salivate over the iPod Touch (again, for the millionth time) and the folks at Apple Switch centre (in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall) have seen Nic at their stores so often, it’s embarrassing!
But yes, I did mosey over to the Apple Switch booth and yes, I did fiddle about with the iPod Nano and yes, I did linger around a bit too much there! I would love to get the iPod Touch but I know I will get tired of it in a month’s time.
I’m not a biggie music downloader nor am I a biggie Youtube fan. I cannot bloody justify to myself why I would spend that obscene amount of money on a thing that’s more of an envy gadget. (Envy gadget means you will envy me when I whip it out….cue dracula music and some evil sounding laughing).
As it is, I use my Sony Ericsson phone for almost everything these days, from listening to audio books, to my Buddhist chanting to keeping photos of my niece and nephew. So really, practical me says, what the heck do I need the iPod Touch for?
I’d rather go splurge on food and books.
Nic and I promised each other we wouldn’t buy anything at the PC Fair. In the end I bought this.
silicone keyboard
A silicone keyboard (RM 18)! I can roll this keyboard up if I want to.
You can fold this keyboard up
It’s a full-size keyboard which I can attach to my Asus Eee PC. The Eee PC keypads are a little too tiny, even for my womanly fingers. So I need this silicone keyboard to type properly.
Pliable keyboard hooked to my eee asus mini laptop
Nic also wanted his wireless headphones (RM30) but he soon forgot about them! Ha. Plus there were good bargains on Celcom Broadband and even WiMax had a booth. WiMax will be rolling out next year but they wanted our names and other data. Fat hopes.
We saw lots of pirated iPod nanos – one booth was selling lookalikes for RM65! Even the packaging looked similar. Of course, they weren’t called nanos, they were called MP4 players. Clever. I guess if one’s destitute but had a wish for an iPod, even a lookalike would do. Buying a rip-off is a bit like lying to yourself. You know it’s a fake but you say, never mind lah, I saved a bundle.
But buying the real thing – now that’s pure pleasure.
I’d go for the real Apple iPod any day, if only I could justify why I wanted that thing. Such a snob right?
* I know I had been missing a while now from this blog. Went home last week to Banting to spend some time at home with my Mom and Dad. It’s good to just go home and chill a bit though Banting is becoming more and more unfamiliar to me. My first love is still dirty, loud and noisy Penang.