Going Bald For Charity

Not me lah.
While I would love to say I’m THAT gutsy, I am not. I am a vainpot and love my hair a bit too much to go bald BUT hear me out.
I’ve got a gutsy friend who will be shaving off all her hair for charity come this November. I spoke to her two weeks ago and she wanted me to help her.
So this is the email I sent out to my friends:
Dear friends
My friend, Nancy will be going bald for charity come 1 November. I know her personally and she’s one big-hearted woman, putting in lots of hours in raising funds for the sick and needy.
Nancy is the Development Manager of Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH). She will be raising funds for PAH because as you know, PAH sponsors heart patients, and those who are suffering from serious illness (cancer, chronic kidney disease, accidental head injury, tumour, major burns, major organ transplant, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, cleft palate repair and major amputation of limbs).
In a nutshell, Nancy will be going bald for charity on 1 November to collect funds for PAH.
Yes, bald.
She is shaving off all her hair in aid of charity come this 1 Nov. during the PAH organised charity food fair. This is one courageous woman!
The charity fair will feature about 85 food stalls offering vegetarian, non-vegetarian and even halal food inclusive of games store. There will also be entertainment, games, lucky draws and “Penang Greatest Shave” and many other interesting activities.
Of course you don’t have to shave off your hair to help – but you can contribute in your own way.
You can support PAH by:
1. Setting up food stalls
2. Sponsoring a food stall (RM500 and above)
3. Major supporters with a minimum contribution of RM5,000 will be acknowledged during the event and on the backdrop of the stage
4. Donations in form of food, lucky draw or game prizes
5. Cash or cheque donations. All cheques should be made payable towards “Adventist Hospital & Clinic Services’ for Dr J Earl Gardner Fund. Tax-exemption receipts will be issued.
6. Helping sell or buy the charity fair tickets at RM20 per booklet.
If you and your business can help, please email Nancy [ nancyong @ pah.com.my ] directly.
What’s more, help tell as many friends as you can. PAH needs all the support it can get. 😉
In case you wanna know how Nancy looks like now, here’s the bubbly lady with her hair intact.
This photo was taken the night we sat talking at her office – she is one hard worker who works late into the night, emailing people who can help her when it comes to raising funds for Penang Adventist Hospital’s much needed coffers.
So please help if you can.
Most of us cannot imagine where our money goes sometimes when we give a donation. With this, you will know.
It goes towards giving another human being a chance at life.