Cake Recipes From My Car Servicing Centre

I know. What a title isn’t it? You must have thought I’d gone nuts.
But the title of this post stands because… I really got some recipes from my car servicing centre this afternoon although I did get more than pissed. I got pissed because the people keep telling you to change this and that and when you get the bill for servicing your car, you almost die of a heart attack. The bill’s crazy. (But more of this later*…)
Most car service centres have ‘waiting lounges’ while your car gets its engine oil changed, or its air-conditioner cleaned. Sometimes I bring along my Asus netbook so I can hook up on the free wifi and reply emails during the 1 hour to 2 hour wait.
There’s the TV but who’s watching TV these days right? And the ice cream corner isn’t exactly what I like either. The magazines are rather old and most of them are Malay magazines.
Today I’d planned to read my Pratchett but that didn’t happen. I saw Her World on the magazine rack and decided to poke about – I’ve never been a fan of this magazine (it reminds me too much of my mother’s era!). In fact, I’ve never been much of a local women’s magazine fan unless they’re passed to me by my sister after she’s finished clipping out contest forms!
But surprise. The magazine featured a few very simple cake recipes! Since I tote along my Canon Ixus everywhere and I was too lazy to start scribbling down the recipes, I decided to take some snaps of the recipes! The best thing about technology these days! No pen or paper? No problem. Have camera will travel!
In fact, the cakes were pretty interesting plus they had basic and simple ingredients – Apple Cake with Pine Nuts, Chocolate Raisin Cake, Lemon Almond Cake and Banana Cake.
Here’s one of them:
Chocolate Raisin Cake
This is the second part – where the ingredients are listed:
part 2 of choc raisin cake recipe
And finally part 3 where the instructions are:
how to make choc raisin cake
I’m going to try them out soon! Wait for the results.
(* Oh ya, never let the car service people tell you what YOU ought to change/replace in your car even though it is ‘recommended’ to do so. If you don’t feel you ought to simply change and replace parts of your car, tell them you don’t need the change. We don’t need to be bullied into paying hundreds of ringgit just because someone tells us it’s needed. As a consumer, you decide what you want. Don’t let others make decisions for you.)