Any Vigils Here?

It’s a horrible day when you wake up to news about 3 people being detained under this stupid ISA (and 2 of them are ex-USMers! This is certainly the week for USM to be in the news both positively and negatively!)
It’s unfair that the whistle-blower gets ISA while the perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist and he gets to go on a roadshow!
What is freaking wrong with Malaysia?
So does this mean that I can say whatever I want and I can get away with it? That seems to be the precedent. If you report it, you get thrown into jail. If I were a journo, I would mogok and not cover any event at all. How sure am I that I wouldn’t be thrown into jail for reporting the event?
This is sick!
I’m usually not the sort to resort to expletives but this makes me want start cursing at the bloody unfairness of it all and yes, go out and do something, anything.
A candle light virgil is good. Anyone knows any happening in Penang?
I thought Myanmar was bad enough. But that’s like Third World and controlled by military junta.
But hey, look at us in Malaysia now.
We’re back to competing with Myanmar!