Simplicity and Heart

I have been rather tied up with things lately that I have had very little time to blog.
But today being Wesak Day, I decided to give myself a break and come back to my scribbles. Lots of you have checked in and found too few updates. I promise to be regular. The thing is, I have way too many stories to tell.
As it is Wesak today, let me tell you a story about giving. (We went to the Than Hsiang Temple just this morning. It wasn’t as packed as I’d imagined despite the number of cars on the side of the road.)
We received a lovely surprise not too long ago in the post.

Thank you card from Kawan Shop in Chulia Street
Thank you card from Kawan Shop in Chulia Street

It was simple yet touching. And we felt immediately humbled and thankful.
Kawan Shop is on Chulia Street, directly opposite Kassim Mustafa Nasi Kandar (yes, the one with the lipsmacking duck curry which I’ve written about yonks ago).
They are a Christian missionary project by Youth With A Mission Malaysia organisation.
The Kawan Shop depends on well-wishers and generous people to fund and sustain their missionary work. Kawan Shop is where you drop off your old but still useful clothes, electrical appliances, household items, toys, books and bits and bobs. They’ll clean these items and put them up for sale at RM5 apiece. Some items are priced at RM1 and whatever they make, the money goes to fund their work.
As I’m always cleaning out stuff from my closet and spare room, I have plenty to donate to them. We make it a point to drop off things every few months but their opening hours can be erratic.
On top of that, parking on Chulia Street on a regular day is very traumatic, with Rapid Penang buses maneuvering tight corners and narrow roads and cars parked here and there. (Did I mention our favourite beef noodles is just around the corner too?)
Anyway, if you have items to donate to Kawan Shop (better to donate than create more landfills!), make sure you call them up beforehand to ensure they are open for business (Tel: 04 261 8405 or email
I was completely surprised by the handwritten card – it was just a plain piece of card, folded into half. But to take the time to pen a note to people who support Kawan Shop, it spoke volumes to us about the team behind Kawan.
It is such a blessing to give!
Handwritten message from Kawan Shop
Handwritten message from Kawan Shop

As it is Wesak Day today, let us all experience our little moments of enlightenment here on earth!