The Best of Us

It’s Olympic season…. which is a good thing in my books.
Thank God I don’t rely on RTM to get broadcasts. Who wants to hear some boring wawancara when you can enjoy the action live? Why can’t RTM get out of its RTM-ness (which basically means, humdrum, boring, old fart sort of stuff)? If you work for RTM and you are reading this, please go tell your boss that RTM, even after the so-called revamp, is not working! It’s not on the pulse of what people want to watch these days. But RTM never gets it. It reminds me of an old, obstinate company which won’t change because it’s too scary and too difficult to change.
Anyway, RTM rant aside, I love Astro this Olympic season. 8 channels of pure sports to indulge in. I had to of course upgrade my Astro subscription (which took 24 hours to activate) but for an extra RM20 each month, I now have the pleasure of watching world-class sports.
We’re planning to just subscribe to the Sports package just for this Olympic season but we’ll see what happens after that. Maybe we’ll stick to it though Nic isn’t a football fan.
The opening ceremony was amazing, don’t you think? We rushed home and sat glued to the TV for the whole night. There’s this thing about being Chinese – no losing face OK? – especially when Western eyes are watching, no, make that scrutinising every move. Well, the Chinese bested them in terms of firework display last Friday.
The other good thing as a result of hosting the Olympics is that the Chinese learn some manners and learn how to be eco friendly too. Not bad for a nation of spitters and rubbish-throwers. A friend who used to work in Shanghai said she hated walking in their streets, for fear some spit might land at her feet! A good suggestion is to carry an umbrella and keep it open always to prevent spit from soiling oneself.
The Olympics perhaps remind us that humans are superhuman particularly when I watched the puny Chinese gal lift double her weight! Or when the Koreans nearly had perfect tens in archery. It’s really about majestic humans on a world platform for the next 16 days.
Isn’t that about the best of us, like the ad says?