Leather Lane on a Sunday

I’d been wanting to visit Lorong Kulit for a long time now. I can’t even remember the last time I stepped into this place. It’s open every day but Sundays are the best days to go, for many reasons. Lots more stalls are open and throngs of people converge like ants. It’s more festive too. You can’t find a better flea market in Penang than Lorong Kulit, which I believe (roughly translated) is called Leather Lane …

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Get Out of Your (Old) Skin

Been reading Tom Peters. Yes. The man who writes like he speaks.
Never heard him speak before of course but the elipses, the sudden brackets, the capital letters, the inevitable choppiness of the book I am reading right now reminds me of how a person speaks.
Starts. Stops. Mulls a bit. Continues. Shouts(?). Postulates.
That’s why I find it tough reading Peters. Sure, he’s got ideas. Plenty. More than you can use in a lifetime.

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