This is a Rant…So Beware

This is a rant because there are just too many self-pitying folks around. Or at least, those that I hear about.
The single greatest piece of advice I know comes from a quote I read somewhere (pardon, my old brains aren’t working too well today): “If you want to write, WRITE”.
You can fill it up with your own wish: “If you want to (do something), (do that something)”. It means, you can talk till you’re hoarse, pontificate till you’re blue in the face, and all that, but if you still sit around and hope something will fall unto your lap, well, hope again.
It’s easy to theorise about success.
It’s easy to say things like “I wish I had a million ringgit, then I’d…..”
It’s easy also to whine and say “I wish I had some skills like you…..then I’ll be able to do something with my life”.
Why do speakers and motivation gurus like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Chris Widener and Vic Johnson never run out of participants no matter how many times they’ve given the same advice over and over?
Because people would rather sit and listen and dream. And when the seminar is over, they’ll just go on with their lives, despite nodding and yelling and clapping thunderously when they were at the seminar. They had the motivation and the confidence…for all of 24 hours. After that, the fizzle dies. They go back into Ordinary Living.
Because no matter how one looks at it, there are no secrets to success or wealth. They give you the very same principles – write down your goals, make it a habit, be disciplined, learn up skills if you don’t have them, do your best and most important of all, TAKE ACTION.
Taking action is the most important thing one can do to automatically improve one’s situation. I once knew a woman who’d complain about how she often felt depressed, fat and lonely. She wished she could do something to drive the blues away. I suggested that she could take up a hobby or a sport, or volunteer at a local charity. Nothing drives the blues away like helping others out. Go jogging or walking if she wanted to lose weight.
“Oh, I can’t do that! My knees are weak.”
Excuses will always make it easy NOT to do something. God knows how many times I’ve often felt negative about how certain things were going in my life. But I’ve learnt that wallowing in self-pity is the fastest route to depression. And making excuses the second fastest. Sometimes I believe it is even ‘fun’ for some people to just sink in their self-pity and make a mud-bath out of it.
If you want to get out of a stinking job, find a way. Don’t grumble to everyone and expect someone to hand you a cushy job where you get to do the tasks that you like.
If you want to be a freelance ______ (fill in with your fave career), plunge into it. Start now. Don’t wait till the cows come home or until you are fired by the boss before you begin “living the life of my dreams”. Work won’t come easy when you’re starting out. Do pro bono work. Yes, there’s nothing demeaning in volunteering your services and skills. Stick at it until you master how to market yourself and your skills.
If you are a web designer, where’s your portfolio of work? I cannot believe that the simplest thing should be the hardest for some folks. Get this: some web designers don’t even have their own website! Now how would I trust you to design my website if you yourself haven’t even designed yours? And the first rule is: dump the Yahoo/Hotmail email. Please. Get your own domain name. If you’re in business, get serious about business. Otherwise, stay home.
The worst kind of reply is this: “But I am not as (smart, savvy, popular, marketable) as them” or “But I don’t have time!”
If you aren’t (smart, savvy, popular, marketable), figure out why. Go and learn why they’rer smarter or savvier. We didn’t get all our five senses just to sit around and wail at the unfairness of life.
If you don’t have time, why do you have time for TV?
The Cantonese have a saying and it goes something like this (I’m paraphasing here): To succeed, learn how to eat the bitterness of life.
One day it is sugary sweet, the next day it is not. But does that mean we ought to give up on Life? Learning to eat the bitterness of life is not just an adage. Never give up. If you have a dream, go after it. Make it your number one concern. Eat it, live it, dream it. Taste it in your dreams. It will be a struggle. It will be tough. That’s where hunger, passion and tenacity become friends. And whatever the outcome, at least you TOOK action.

5 thoughts on “This is a Rant…So Beware”

  1. Hi Maya:
    Been some days since I last visited.
    Readingthis reminds me again that People can just sit and talk, talk, and talk … but when challenged to take action, they chicken out. Yes, literally and figuratively speaking — some make a quick getaway, others say no-lah, I can’t commit my time-lah, you do it first-lah, represent me-lah…ad nauseum.
    I think motivation speakers make quick bucks out of lazy minds (well, most times, the fees are paid for by the company!); if an individual has to fork out that sort of money from his/her own pocket,I think most would soon declare bankruptsy!
    But for affluent Msians, an outing for one day at RM500 is also chicken feed, so I guess many Msians have indeed arrived, and can continue to pontificate until the cows come home …

  2. I am like…wow!! talk about getting steamed up! I thought I was the only person who can do this….sorry I forgot all about you! I get the same kind of requests and questions too. Everday someone tells me that they WISH they could work from home. My sis, aunt, friend, bestfriend, husband….etc, all say that they want to work from home and wish that they could do what I do!!
    The only response I give them is…what in the world are you waiting for?

  3. Hi YL: Yeah, I know. Doesn’t that drive you up the wall? It does, to me. And yes, if their companies pay for the training/motivation courses, everyone signs up. Anything to get away from the office I guess. But the next year rolls around and the same old people sign up, just to get ‘motivated’ again. Hah!
    Hi Marsha: Yep, makes me mad as hell. I am so glad you understand it perfectly too. I mean, we’re not here because we’re some princesses are we? We’re here because we can brave the world with our panda eyes (due to lack of sleep). Basically, coz we can just shut up and start jumping in instead of talking and wishing and hoping some fairy godmother will come with her wand.


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