4 thoughts on “Beware of This Maybank Email”

  1. Hey Krista, well done for alerting people.
    As you know my email was recently being hacked, I realised there are people who do fall for these scammers so easily. It shocked me that people actually believe such ridiculous hoax! That’s why scammers exist!
    I wrote to Hotmail and made a complain but there was no response. And lately, I’ve been receiving emails from people who rarely wrote any email to me with vague titles. Looks like these scammers are still out there polluting our online space.
    How true, we need a higher level of awareness & education when comes to online security.

    • Hi Reese: Thanks. I got sick and tired of these spammers making lives hell for most people. I’m always peeved that people do fall for this and I just cannot stand it. So I guess I am the sort to do something about it, even it is in my own little way. Report those emails as Spam. That is why I prefer Gmail over Hotmail though I have Hotmail. And if you have a blog, let more people know of this. I know people go online to find out if this happened to other folks. And that is the best way to curb this. If people know more, they will be more vigilant.

  2. When I get emails like these, I usually check the sender’s email. If the sender email looks spammy, and they usually do because they’re spams!, I would mark the email as spam.
    Do you know whether Maybank or any other banks have a Customer Service email that we can forward these spammy emails to? I’m sure the bank people would appreciate “being in the loop”, LOL.

    • Hi Pelf: I think they do and the Maybank employees probably get their share of spammy emails too. The thing is, I don’t know why Maybank isn’t taking this as seriously as we are. Just like the ads advertising all types of potions for enhancing bedroom antics which are stuck on phone booths and telephone poles. Can’t the authorities just ring the number and find out who’s on the other end and nail the guy? Just like the crooks who steal iron fences and stuff to sell to the scrap yard owner – can’t the police just round up the scrap yard owners and pounce on them when they buy stolen stuff? I will take your advice and email Maybank….just to see what their response is. I hope I get some response!


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