Impatience in Cramped Quarters

It’s about 14C right here now in Tseung Kwan O, HK where I am currently staying.
My 10-day break is coming to a close soon but it has been totally amazing.
Trips the second time around are almost much better because one already has done the tourist sightseeing and then some. I was here in HK many years ago…way before HK was returned to China. Yes, I was here before 1997.
Age must have something to do with it.
Seeing HK in one’s 20s and seeing HK in one’s 30s is somehow strangely different.
This time around, we took time to explore the hidden crannies, the local haunts, re-discover the pleasure of just walking in spring weather. It’s a beautiful time of the year to be in HK. The weather is nicely crisp and cold, well, cold to me as a Malaysian at least. At 15 to 18C in the day, it feels like air conditioning everywhere I go. The weather drops slightly at night so it’s even colder.
As we’re staying in a friend’s apartment, we feel much more relaxed and with 10 days, there’s really no rush to get out as the day breaks.
And with a super efficient MTR system and a pre-loaded debit Octopus card, it’s really fun and easy to get out and about. The city is also safe and if one knows Cantonese (and though we speak with our Malaysian twang), one gets to do many exciting explorations on foot. And HK isn’t at all about shopping and shopping or all the time about city life.
We managed to catch the HK Sevens on TV when we were here. Rugby is a big deal here.
We started to check the weather report daily before we go out. Temperatures do drop. Wrapping up and layering is a must.
I was so pleased to find tea kiosks and tea shops all over. Drinking soup and herbal teas are another favourite here.
HK people aren’t rude at heart. They’re blunt with no ill-meaning. Life’s hard and tough here so you get lots of impatient folks.
Will share more when we get back to Malaysia.
Until then, cheers from a blustery Hong Kong!

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