Right as Rain…Soon

It’s awfully odd but I finally get to blog a bit when I am sick.
It started yesterday with a bout of puking and purging. And today my head hurts and all I can eat are cream crackers! Food makes me nauseous, no thanks to the food poisoning of yesterday. I think I overate AfterEights and Milka, and then I had too much of Ba Zhen Tang too.
My body decided to rebel.
Anyway, so here I am, totally unwell.
To all of you who read this little blog of mine, I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year. Despite my food poisoning, I’m feeling hopeful for this year. After all, I always view illness as a means for my body to rest and detox itself. Being sick makes me grateful that I am more often in good health and zipping about.
I’ll be right as rain soon.
Until then, take it easy for the first week of January!

4 thoughts on “Right as Rain…Soon”

    • Hi girl – I’m OK now. Thank god. 2 days of full bed rest was all I needed. In between lots of water and 100Plus. I am so happy to be healthy again!

    • Thanks Grace! I take it in my stride. You can’t have the good without the bad so I cannot appreciate health until I lose it for 2 days. 😉


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