Cookies, Cookies Everywhere

I can’t keep this secret to myself any longer as she’s going to officially start selling her cookies soon and with a website to boot too.
I’ve been privileged to move to my new neighbourhood and automatically get new neighbours who are both like friends and family.
It’s been great settling in and making new discoveries about our new neighbourhood. (Ah, the only thing which bugs me is that this middle-class neighbourhood which is 2 minutes’ from Queensbay Mall is a magnet for the damn snatch thieves but more on that later.)
Anyway, she stops taking orders come 1 Feb so hurry and make your orders before she takes a break for Chinese New Year.
I’ve tried many of her cookies (that’s the beauty of being neighbours – we get to be ‘guinea pigs’) and I can personally vouch that she uses premium ingredients and she never stinges! Each cookie and slice of cake is a pleasure to eat because they’re really full of lip-smacking goodness.
Oh, I haven’t introduced her ya? Well, she’s Vern’s mom. Vern’s my blogger friend who became a friend and then she interned at Redbox Studio and then we became neighbours since last November. It’s a story that is worth telling over and over. What a strange way to become neighbours huh?
Anyway, Mrs Hor’s quite the maestro in the kitchen and she is always trying out new and exciting recipes. Her baking foray is due to egging from her children and friends like us!
So let me point you in the direction of yummilicious cookies. But order soon as orders close 1 Feb.
Lest you think I’m partial to her cookies, I’d say I’m partial to GOOD STUFF.
The other ‘baker” I like is my aunt as she makes ONLY pineapple tarts. I always tell clients and friends that these jam tarts are limited edition stuff because they’re made with love and passion and therefore tastes like heaven.
Another equally good baker is my friend Ai Tee. You can find out more about her goodies from this post of mine.
I’ve also tried other so-called homemade cakes and cookies, the most recent being some carrot walnut cake which I bought at a seminar last Saturday.
The lady who sold the cake who was the baker of this cake of course exclaimed how much carrot and quality walnuts she used (“200gm you know and you know how expensive walnuts are but you feel my cake? Dense right?”). I was taken in by the fact that her cake was quite fragrant so I bought a slab for Vern’s mom to taste while I bought a slab of cempedak cake.
But what a disappointment! The carrot cake was tasteless while the cempedak cake didn’t really live up to expectations. The cake texture was dry and after 1 day in the fridge, it was drier and harder! And this from a woman who waxed lyrical about her own cakes and silly old me got taken in and bought them. But I always say, well, I have to sometimes eat some lousy cakes in order to appreciate well-made cakes.

5 thoughts on “Cookies, Cookies Everywhere”

    • Marsha: It is terror wan! Ask Bernard if you want to order lah. I think he comes back to Penang quite often. We had duck curry supper just a few weeks back so I know he comes back. Ask him to bring some for you.

  1. Maya, sorry but tumpang lalu ya? Terima kasih.
    Marsha, you were one of the very, very first people (including maya and nic) who tasted my ‘very first time cookies’ 2 yrs back. I think you forgot d.

  2. Maya, also want to say a big THANK YOU for your good reviews ( I paiseh d). You and Nic have been wonderful neighbours and friends – you both have been very encouraging and inspiring not only to me but to my children as well. To quote Julie Andrews in one of her sound tracks of Sound of Music ” … for something in my youth and childhood, I must have done something good ….” God Bless You Both!

    • Mrs Hor: I only say what I believe is true. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even my staff Tiffany has been enjoying your cookies. She also likes Bailey Good but she loved the Mocha more. I thank you for generously sharing your delicious bakes with us.


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