Pizza & Spaghetti at T-Jays

I’m continuing a little bit about food in Langkawi today. I’m not a flogger – that’s what food bloggers are called these days. I’m far too eclectic to limit myself to blog musings on food.
I heard of T-Jays from many sources. One was The Star’s Flavours magazine. They’d reviewed T-Jays many years ago. The second source was James who had raved about these pizzas. And it’s a huge compliment because James is British and he’s always asking me, “Why are you Malaysians always going on and on about food?” For him, food is just sustenance. No point going blardy mad over.
On our last trip to Langkawi, we wanted to try out something totally new so we chose T-Jays. Nic’s a big pizza and spaghetti fan so it fit him to a T.
Pizza from T-Jays, reputedly the best pizza place in Malaysia
T-Jays’ is opposite the Langkawi Underwater World which up till now, I’ve not been inside at all. Every local person tells me there’s nothing much to see there – it’s just for tourists.
Spiced beef spaghetti - creamy, spicy, super yummy!
Anyway, we ordered a 12-inch pizza (RM27) and the spaghetti with spiced beef (RM30). I felt the drinks were a tad on the pricey side considering this is Langkawi where beers and what-not were dirt cheap. RM 5 for lime juice? Come on! (And this is not Perdana Quay. This is a cafe by the road in Pantai Cenang. Pantai Cenang is like Chulia Street, Penang.)
“The food better be good.” The same thought ran through our minds when we ordered.
T-Jays, the pizza place on Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
Luckily the food lived up to its “best pizza place in Malaysia” tagline (on its signboard). The pizza was crispy, a bit burnt on the edges and full of great tasting ingredients like pepperoni, olives, tomato and cheese. I believe it was called the Quatro Pizza. Each of us had about 4 huge slices.
Nic takes his first bite of the thin crust pizza
The spiced beef spaghetti was pretty damn good too. Imagine spaghetti bolognaise that’s rich in a gooey thick tomato sauce and mixed with cream and kick-ass chili padi. You get a rich tomatoey, creamy spaghetti (that was perfectly al-dente) with lots of mouthsearing chilies. Lots of minced beef. Lots of chili oil and chilies. I could’ve licked the platter clean. It was THAT good!
That slice of pizza
We were totally satisfied with the portion of spaghetti. It reminded me of the spaghetti I had with CC at Italiannies at The Curve not too long ago. I much prefered T-Jay’s to Italiannies, to be honest.

That's a live frog which I spotted while munching on my pizza
That's a live frog which I spotted while munching on my pizza

Now if only they lowered their drink prices!
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