Muffins for Charity and More…

Never underestimate the power of the ‘Net. Remember the muffin charity call sometime ago?
While I’m horrible at making muffins (Nic will attest to this fervently), I am thankful I have friends like Beng Choo whom I can fall back on whenever there’s a need for yummilicious muffins.
Anyway, Beng Choo wrote this email to everyone today and I want to update all of you (especially those who ordered her banana walnut raisin muffins) that she has far exceeded her goal of collecting RM1K for charity.
The second time she sent out her email to us (asking if we would help her get to her goal of RM1K) I emailed my cousin and sister and within 2 hours, we had lots more orders. It helped that Beng Choo’s muffins did its own word-of-mouth advertising – the proof of its deliciousness was in the eating.
In between her baking ‘days’, she (plus friends and nieces) even managed to go to the hospital to donate blood to a friend who had been severely injured (and who is now in a coma) due to a snatch theft incident near Queensbay Mall.
Finally after the second batch of orders were delivered, Beng Choo sent us all this email below.
Never underestimate the power of a dream.
Thanks to everyone who helped Mindy fulfill her muffin project for charity (see below for the list of homes she is donating to).
Email from Beng Choo
The second round of orders for Mindy’s Muffin Project was even more overwhelming than the first time around. We calculated that we will need an order of 40-48 boxes (depending on the pisang raja market price) to hit our target of RM1K.
However within 5 hours of sending out the message, we received a total order of 113 boxes before we could managed to send out the stop order message.
As a result our profit achieved exceeded our target by 43%, with the total profit amounting to RM1,430. Lee, my husband topped up to make a total of RM1,500. He has also sponsored the electricity for our baking and petrol for our delivery. Special thanks to Wai Hau who has been a great help.
After discussing with Mindy, today, we sent out the total profit to the following homes :
1. Pure Lotus Hospice
2. Bodhi Home (children home run by Pure Lotus )
3. Penang Children’s Protection Society
4. Penang Shan Children Home (located at Bodhi Heart premises)
We also decide to channelled a token sum to Mr. Leong Pow Neng who is still in coma in CCU at Island Hospital. His daughter Cecilia said they will donate the sum to other children/senior citizen home on behalf of their father to make merit to support his recovery/healing. Today is the 13th day Mr. Leong has been in the CCU and has not regain conciousness though there were several occasion he partially open one eye. Thanks for your overwhelming response to the request for blood. For the moment, I understand from Cecilia that they do not need more blood.
Thank you very much for all your generosity and kind support without which this charity project would not have succeeded. Many of you pay more than RM8 per box as on many occasions you all asked us to keep the change which we duly added to our profit amount.
May all the blessings be with you and your family.
With lots of metta,
Beng Choo

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  1. Little Known Fact: According to my good doctor, British people are not allowed to donate blood because of fears of BSE contaminated blood.

    • Really? I didn’t know that. I learn new stuff from you every time we speak. What happens if someone has BSE contaminated blood?


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