If Your Cat Is Your Master, Read On….

Got your attention didn’t I?
Well, really, I always feels that Margaret is my master more than I am hers.
Because I feed her, I clean her poop and I make sure she is comfy and happy. And I tickle her chin, scratch her fat belly and play ‘catch my feet’ games with her.
I wonder sometimes who owns who because our cat seems to think we’re her slaves the moment we come home. Or the moment she thinks we’re going out (she knows when we get all dressed up!) and she starts her continuous mewing until you give her food – half a cup of Friskies – and then she becomes quiet.
Anyway, Siew Yean who is the volunteer webmaster of the Penang SPCA website emailed in this and my blog is rather like a public service announcement place so I’ve put it here.
A photo contest is being held for March and you can send in your gorgeous dog or snobbish cat poses. More details of this contest is at the SPCA website.
Oh yeah, hurry coz it ends 31 March 2009.

3 thoughts on “If Your Cat Is Your Master, Read On….”

    • UnkaLeong: We’re cat people…… and we love our tiny little buggers who just make us go, OK lah, all for a cat. All for a cat. We can mutter all we want but a cat’s got us good. *wink*


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