A Kopitiam Supported Earth Hour Last Night

Yes, a kopitiam in Island Glades supported Earth Hour last night.
And I know this because I was having my dinner of chicken chop with Nic there last night and at the appointed time (they were a bit late, maybe late by 10 minutes or so), the coffeeshop owner and his helpers started bringing out candles.
The ‘si tau poh’ of Cheah’s Delights (the Western food outlet which we ordered cheap and delicious chicken chops from) said that the lights will be going off soon.
We were delighted!
As the flourescent lights went off, lit candles were passed out to tables with patrons. So Nic and I in fact enjoyed our ‘candlelight’ dinner!
When we drove home after a deeply satisfying dinner, I saw that the Petronas station near our area also switched off its lights.
Some cynics label Earth Hour (and the switching off lights for an hour) as a mere publicity stunt but I don’t think so. At least people get to ask why we need to do so and this starts conversations about the state of Mother Earth today. Better than putting them to sleep by talking about Kyoto Protocol.
Switching off the lights is something simple and do-able for many people. If we can start with this, I believe there’s hope for other green activities.

2 thoughts on “A Kopitiam Supported Earth Hour Last Night”

  1. Ee.. I miss Cheah’s Delights. Haha.
    I think it’s cute that a kopitiam would take part in this. OK lah, change of ambiance for an hour to a more romantic setting. My campus turned off the lights for the public facilities, like the basketball and tennis courts, etc. They left the room lights to our decision, manatau some of us really need it right?
    I even heard one of them shouted at 8.30pm, “Eh! Earth Hour! Tutup lampu!” Lol.

    • We can do Cheah’s Delights the next round you get back. Actually the kopitiam is very smart to do so. The daughter of the kopitiam owner is in MNS, just like me and I told her so and she was delighted about my positive response to her mom’s action – yes, her mom was initially worried that customers will be angry when they switch off the lights but actually most people were OK about it. Only one or two nutcases grumbled. To join Earth Hour and take the effort to prepare candles for customers is not just about that one hour but it is about instilling goodwill. If I have to choose now which kopitiam to go to, I would take this kopitiam any day for their green effort impressed me a lot. 😉


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