Back into Bread-making Mode

Since today is a public holiday, I decided to make some bread. Yes, I am back into THAT mode again. I think it’s because BG gave me some kind words and encouraged me to try his pre-ferment or biga or sponge method which he says is easy peasy.
OK, and since I love easy peasy breads and since my other attempts were so-so lah, I decided to try again.
You see, I hate failing. I know. No one likes failing right? But me, I think I do not deserve to fail especially when it comes to something like breadmaking. Granted, I am not the best chef in the world but I can bloody hell cook other stuff….sarawak laksa, boil soups my grandma would give the thumbs up to, make curry puffs the old fashioned way – you know, using fingers to fold the edges one by one and not using some plastic curry puff crimper (a legacy of my mom’s I assure you).
So why not bread?
Today, I made pre-ferment bread. I haven’t baked it yet as it’s still rising. But I will alert you the moment it comes out of the oven. It’s worse than waiting for PMR results man. Nailbiting intense.
OK, to make this pre-ferment bread, you work on it the night before. I won’t repeat BG’s instructions so you head on over to his blog and steal his recipe haha.
I did add 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary (which I dug out from somewhere in the cabinet) and a handful of raisins.
And I kneaded vigorously, so vigorously that BG would be extremely proud of me. For 30 minutes, I pulled, pushed, twisted the bread dough. And sweat I did. It was a workout for the arms!
So now it’s merrily rising away for an hour before I take it out, punch it down and give it a second rise for 45 minutes before it goes into a preheated oven for a good baking.
This time though, I used plain flour for the pre-ferment stage but I bought high gluten flour (Nona brand, called Top Flour) to try out.
Let’s all cross fingers for my Raisin Rosemary Pre-Ferment Bread!
* But before I forget, a big shout out and thank you to Dotty who posted to me a lovely Anne Geddes Baby Names Keepsake! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are too sweet.

** I was surfing about for bread recipes and stumbled onto this white bread recipe which is terribly funny and very detailed on each ingredient.

3 thoughts on “Back into Bread-making Mode”

  1. hey fren…please tell me how this turns out. Like you, i oso got my ‘episodes’ in baking….it was cupcakes a few weeks back, then biscottis, then pretzels (we both know how THAT one turns out..haha!)…and I think bread baking will be soon, after being inspired by you, of course!
    here’s a blog i love studying (haha! yes!! I AM that gila!) this lady even takes step by step pics of the bread making process. Enjoy!!!
    Hey, lemme know how this turns out…tak sabar!!!

  2. Dotty! Yes, it turned out really well. It even got Margaret the cat’s seal of approval….she usually is very choosy about bread. She will eat certain types of bread but she ate all the little pieces I gave her. I will put up pics of the bread and BG, here’s a shoutout to you my friend. It turned out well! I am feeling rather pleased with my effort and now am thinking, hmmmm, what else can I do with bread?


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