Nasi Lemak Subaidah from Taman Pekaka

Nasi lemak from Subaidah Nasi Kandar Taman Pekaka
Nasi lemak from Subaidah Nasi Kandar Taman Pekaka

I feel a bit foolish because I just discovered this nasi lemak….like last night!
My cousin, Lai Yee, told me about the nasi lemak a few weeks ago when she was working the graveyard shift. It seems her boss had ‘tar-pau’ this piping hot nasi lemak for her and her colleagues late that night as they were clocking in at 2am. (Yes, people who work in factories start work at odd hours of the day. My friend, Karen, wakes up at 3.30am and gets to work by 4am. She services Australia/New Zealand so she’s there to answer calls when Aussies start calling in!)
I had listened in disbelief at her description of the nasi lemak. It was drop-dead delicious. With chunks of special Subaidah fried chicken.
The only Subaidah fried chicken I’ve ever eaten is pretty damn good. And that’s from the Subaidah Nasi Kandar outlet inside the USM campus.
Other than that, Subaidah Nasi Kandar never ranked high in my list of nasi kandar outlets. I prefer Kayu Nasi Kandar although prices are quite steep. But never mind lah, I eat nasi kandar once in a blue moon. Everyone I know shudders at the prices at Kayu Nasi Kandar but yeah, we all have our vices. Mine happens to be the beef curry from Kayu’s.
Now let me get back to this nasi lemak from Subaidah’s. This Subaidah is at Taman Pekaka which is just opposite Tesco Extra, Jalan Sungai Dua. The stall, located just outside the restaurant, opens at 10.30pm. Any earlier and you don’t get even a whiff of the rice. (Taman Pekaka and Taman Permai are 2 good areas around USM where you can get pretty decent food at almost all hours of the day!)
But they open on the dot. And a line of people already snake their way around the stall. The fried chicken is fried on the spot so you get almost a quarter chicken, piping hot from the kuali. We bought a packet of this nasi lemak last night, just to try it out.
The banana leaf intensifies the fragrance of the steamed rice. Sprinkle over some salty, fried peanuts with skin on. Throw in some sliced cucumber. Ladle over a good heaping of sambal ikan bilis (which is one of the best I’ve tasted). It’s not too spicy but has the right hint of chilis to complement the warm, moist fried chicken. Oh, plus there’s even a whole fried egg. All this for RM6.90.
Like the duck curry sold at Kassim Mustafa’s downtown, this nasi lemak will enter my holy list of food I must partake in, once in a blue moon.
It’s that kind of comfort food for a cold rainy night! Worth queuing up for!

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  1. @ cleffairy: You are right…. there was a huge chunk of chicken and little bit of rice. So much of nasi lemak haha. More ayam than nasi! But good lah. I am drooling while typing this!

  2. Hi Jian: Yes, I’ve tried the nasi lemak at Khaleel’s (RM4 per plate) just the other day. The chicken tastes good but the Khaleel sambal is not as thick as Subaidah’s. Also tried your recommendation – Nasi Paprik Putih at Khaleel’s. Yum! Yum!
    Hi Food Promotion:
    Thanks for dropping by! πŸ˜‰

  3. Maya, if only you could be more specific with the location it will save me all the trouble hunting down the place. I don’t mind trying out that nasi lemak on one of my trips there. Did you mean this stall opens only at 10.30 PM?

  4. “The stall, located just outside the restaurant, opens at 10.30pm. Any earlier and you don’t get even a whiff of the rice.”
    Subaidah Nasi Kandar – signboard in pink. Corner lot. Lebuh Pekaka 3, off Jalan Pekaka 1, opposite Tesco Extra & Sri Khrishna Temple on Jln Sungai Dua.

  5. Maya, thanks for info. I’ll try it next time when I am there.
    By the way your site has a new look and I love it.
    I wish you a happy new year and a prosperous one at that.

  6. hi maya,
    i found ur blog after googling for banana cake… and i cant i read abt the kids, followed by the roselle drink now i’m drooling over the nasi lemak…
    oh my…i’ve passed subaidah countless time but never thought it’s nasi lemak was that good.. will definitely give it a try one day…btw, i usually frequent the organic taufufah shop near subaidah..
    nice meeting you here πŸ˜‰

    • HI Fiza: Haha, sorry to tempt you and ruin your diet but it’s Penang and Penangites MUST talk about food sometimes. I hope you try the banana cake recipe. It’s so easy and so delicious. Roselle is also quite good and healthy too. I also passed by Subaidah a lot but never really bothered because I don’t like their PINK colour uniforms. I know it’s silly to NOT like a place because of their colour but it is so ugly. Anyway, my cousin was right. The nasi lemak is very good, very sinful and not recommended to eat every night or not your waist line will grow! haha. That said, try it once and you will be hooked, just like me.

  7. hahahaha…you got that garish attire right..
    and of course we penangites must at one time or another talk and talk about food… ^_^
    i’m trying out the banana cake recipe later today. wanted to do earlier but ran out of self-raising flour but luckily found a recipe of turning plain flour to SRF via wiki..
    will tell you of the outcome..

    • Yup, the pink uniform is really ugly and puts me off food. But try the nasi lemak and let me know if you like it. πŸ˜‰ I bet you will. Esp the ayam goreng! yum.

  8. anak2 saya suka sgt mee goreng d ari ni saya bawa family mkn kat subaidah lain pula jadinya…pelanggan x byk mana pun tp makanan x dpt lansung.bila tanya pekerja kata resit x nmpak..anak2 dah la lapar sgt..ais cube dlm minuman smpai cair…bila makanan smpai x dpt seperti yg diharapkan….say sory pun x cakap.kalau makanan sesedap mana pun..servis teruk,pekerja pula biadap x guna jugak……saya pun kerja dalam bidang F&B..i know all of this job….kalu rasa x nak kehilangan pelanggan…tukar saja pekerja2 yg biadap tu….kalau pelanggan ramai saya pun saya kena tunggu 40 minit dalam keadaan yg sgt LAPAR..saya betul2 dah fedup….lepas ni saya tak akan pergi SUBAIDAH NASI KANDARyg ada dalam atau luar penang…….


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