Don't Get Scammed with this SMS from SHELL!

I got this SMS this morning.
Something tells me it’s downright fishy.
It’s probably a scam for a few reasons.
I don’t buy petrol from Shell.
I don’t join SMS contests.
I am very skeptical of forwarded emails (especially those that begin with: Send this to 10 people and I get 3 cents for my daughter who is dying of leukemia, you get my point. It started with Bill Gates and we all wanted to fleece that poor nerd-CEO).
I am very skeptical of everything. Maybe it’s because I am a woman or that I am too bloody jaded for my own good. Women are tough when it comes to negotiating money and nitpicking (or what’s called looking at super tiny details). Please correct me if I am wrong.
OK, this SMS comes from this number: 014 374 9309. So beware.
“Shell Promosi”. Anda di Pilih dari Office SHELL tlh Berjaya Meraih Cabutan Hadiah “RM 17,000.00”. Sila dail di Talian 017 837 2718 Terima kasih.
First, let me nitpick.
The Bahasa is like crap.
If you want to scam someone, make sure you can type an SMS properly.
Don’t do it like you’re an illiterate. Unless you bloody well are. (Methinks the scammer is illiterate. Look at how he/she spells ‘di Pilih’ and suddenly it’s a truncated version of ‘telah’ with ‘tlh’).
The modus operandi is probably like this: If I were sillier (and didn’t use my brains), I would happily call the number.
Once I do that, the scammer knows I am hooked. I am a greedy pig. I want to know what I won. Maybe it’s RM17K.
So he/she will get me to deposit some money so I can claim my prize.
It’s not just this SMS.
Once I got a call from a Chinese-speaking woman. Thick accented Mandarin. Probably from China. I knew it was a scam the moment she asks, “Ni hui chiang huayi mah?” (Can you speak Mandarin?) If I were ruder, I’d say something crude in Mandarin that begins with “mah”.
The other type of scam is the credit card/call centre scam. Nic got a call which actually (audaciously) said that this was a bank call centre and wanted to verify his credit card details. Could he verify by saying his credit card number with CVC over the phone?!
Now, it’s normal to get calls from your bank. But one that asks for your credit card number and CVC? First time I ever heard of it.
Luckily Nic wasn’t that stupid. Something didn’t sound right. The guy on the other end sounded too slick, too polished. As if he did this every day. Which he probably does. Call and scam people easily because sometimes you just might forget and think it’s your bank calling up for verification purposes.
The other type of scams is the shopping mall-scam-old-uncles-and-aunties.
My Dad and Mom experienced this once when they were at a shopping mall a few years ago. It was the thing then to catch senior citizens and give them these scratch and win cards. Of course, once you scratch the card, you get this prize.
You are then dragged to the shop (usually electrical item shop selling vacuum cleaner, washing machine, etc) and then there’s this ‘drama’ where the shop employees start this song-and-dance and gush “Oh uncle, how lucky! You won this RM2000 voucher! Can get so many things in this shop for free.”
The problem is, most of the items in the shop are priced OVER RM2K. Either you fork out more money to buy some cheap China-made vacuum cleaner (which breaks down in 2 weeks) or you forfeit the voucher. Most uncles and aunties get pressured at the shop employees can be quite persuasive!
The thing is, many young people also get scammed, if the news reports in the papers are anything to go by. Executives in their 20s and 30s get scammed the hi-tech way – through phone and Internet.
I guess the only way to prevent this happening to you is this: keep Greed away.
If you’re not greedy, don’t care for such freebies, you’re safe.
You know what I am going to do? I am going to email Shell Malaysia and get them to look into this SMS scam. After all the scammers are using Shell to scam people!
UPDATE: I emailed the Shell Malaysia people after I wrote this post. They wrote back. This is what they said:

Thank you for your feedback. With regards to your enquiry below, the SMS received is not from Shell. That is a SCAM SMS going around saying that it is from Shell.
If you were to be a winner from Shell, we shall notify you through phone call and will not send any sms.
Hence, kindly ignore the sms and do not reply to them on any details. For further clarification, kindly call us at 1300 88 1808. Thank you.
Shell Customer Service Centre

52 thoughts on “Don't Get Scammed with this SMS from SHELL!”

  1. Yes, you do just that. Send it to SHELL so that they are aware that their brand is being used in scamming. I too once had a hong kong/taiwan number calling me in the midst of a presentation, talking about having to attend to a court case and as if I have committed some fraud… I immediately put down the line and had I been upset caught in a situation like this, I would have given them a piece of my mind.. the not-so good type.. if you know what I meant. Then, I read in the papers that there is a modus operandi going round like what I have experienced. Some people just have too much time on their hands!

  2. Yup. I did. I updated the blog post to include Shell Malaysia’s response. I think some people don’t want to work and want to rip people off. Think about it, it’s easy money. Call 100 people a day, maybe 10 will get hooked. Con the 10 people of 20K each and you don’t have to “work” for the next 29 days of the month. What I am often amazed is how many people, educated people mostly, get scammed! What did we all go to university for? Why can’t we put on our skeptic caps and think for a while? In Cantonese, we say, where got a frog jumping about on the road? For those not Cantonese, it means, hey brother, there ain’t no free lunch ok? Don’t be gullible!

  3. LMAO… I’m always an unlucky lot in such things… winning stuff, I mean. I never even win a lotto or such contest even once in my entire life. You can call me a sore loser, Maya. I received not only from SHELL, but from Petronas before. I always knew that there’s no such thing as free lunch, what’s more, I never participated in such competition. I receove this kinda thing all the time. Once, I was such in a bad mood that I needed a place to vent, i called the number up, and… err…not that i am proud of it, but I swore some very vulgar words to the person on the end of the line… =.= Aww, come on… I think it’s a bit justified lah, cuz they did disturbed me. My life is hard enough as it is. i dun need such people to mock me by offering me some bloody money, which is a SCAM. *screams* and err… you actually did well… I swore in pretty languages that would make a sailor swims home to his mommy! LOL.

  4. @ Jian: Yup, crooks are smarter than regular folks. I wish Shell took action. I mean, there’s a freaking phone number which they can report to the police if they wanted to. But I guess the crooks will change phone numbers anyway. BUT I thought that’s the reason why we’re all required to register with our IC when we sign up for mobile numbers right?
    @ cleffairy: Haha, best not win this kind of stupid scam. But you probably scared them by venting. Maybe I should start screaming the next time some scammer calls me up. Would love to hear your sailor language! LOL.

  5. Saya menerima sms mesej dari nombor 0143592793, “SHELL PROMOSI” Anda di Pilihdari Office SHELL tlh Berjaya Meraih Cabutan Hadiah “RM19,000.00” Sila dail di Talian 0178985994 Terima kasih. pada 3 Januari 2009 pagi sabtu jam 9.00pagi ketika itu saya berada dirumah dan keadaan hujan masa itu sangat lebat.
    Dalam keadaan tanpa disedari saya menalipon nombor berkenaan, dan diberitahu saya telah memenangi hadiah tersebut shell bersama DiGi. Seorang lelaki yang dialectnya yang tidak fasih berbahasa Malaysia minta nombor akaun bank saya dan seterusnya minta saya pergi ke ATM mesin . Sebelum itu dia memohon pada saya nombor kad ATM sebelum kemana-mana ATM.
    Saya jadi hairan dan tersangat bodoh pada ketika itu, kerana tersangat memerlukan wang kerana sehari sebelum itu kereta saya dicalar disemua bahagian badan kereta dengan teruk ketika saya meletakkan kereta saya dirumah saya dan memerlukan wang untuk mengecat kembali sebuah kereta.
    Bila saya sedar yang dia meminta nombor kad ATM. Saya terus letak talipon dan saya kemudiannya menelefon pihak Digi untuk kepastian. Pihak Digi mengesahkan tiada sebarang promosi dengan shell.
    Sekali lagi saya bertindak bodoh menelefon si sms dan berutahu yang saya baru buat panggilan pada pihak Digi dan dengan tidak semena-mena si sims tadi berang memaki hamun saya yang mengatakan saya menuduhnya sebagai penipu. Saya terus letak telefon dengan perasaan bingung dan bodoh. Seterusnya dalam keadaan hujan lebat saya keluar ke mesin ATM berdekatan dan menyemak dan tiada duit yang keluar dari akaun saya. Saya bersyukur dan bernasib baik kerana tidak memberi nombor kad ATM .

  6. saya pun telah menerima sms mesej yang sama dari nombor 0128255337,”SHELL PROMOSI”,anda telah berjaya meraih hadiah utama sebanyak RM15K.pada 16/1/09.saya tahu ianya tidak masuk akal langsung.dengan tiada apa-apa bukti yang mengatakan saya memasuki mana-mana peraduan,saya telah menang wang sebanyak itu?sungguh pelik.

  7. I just got sms which dated at 23/1/2009 that says:
    “Congratulations Nombor SimCard Anda tlh
    m-nangi (HADIAH UTAMA) WANG TUNAI Rm15,000.00, dr Syrkt SHEEL.BHD. Call/sila dail; 012-8600868 Terima Kasih”
    This is my first time.
    Before this, I just heard from my sister about this kind of sms which is tried to manipulate us about the higher figure and cheating victim money to give that higher figure. She’s just ignore the sms and told me to be aware if got this kind of sms.
    After i received that sms, I wonder is that I’m really win the first prices because of my SimCard.
    I also wonder how that SHEEL can get my phone number if I never use their fuel as a student which is no mobile car or others.
    That’s why, I try to find out in internet if there any people talk about this cases. So now, I hope people who have authority will protect us before they who are bad people will take an advantage of us or people who have lack of this knowledge.
    so, please for SHEEL people be responsible to take an action in smart way by searching the number that given earlier. They can be catch by the registered that need for all SimCard user.
    Thank you.

  8. I also receved two sms one from 0128637129 and one from 0128140534. The Message says that
    From Shell Taniah!! Anda tlh Me “nangi Hadiah Tajaan dr SHELL 1.000.000 Kmtr. Sila Hub Talian: 0128606969
    Terima Kasih
    I called the said number and the person told me its true and he ask me my bank account. i relectant to give my account then he disconnect the phone.
    I just want know whether this is true or not. if its real then why shell doesnt want send the black and white letter to the winners. I ask shell to investigate this matter.

  9. Hi Fazli: Terima kasih kerana berkongsi pengalaman. Saya rasa ramai yang terima SMS ini dan ramai juga yang menjadi mangsa kepada orang-orang yang tidak bermoral ini.
    Moga-moga dengan komen Fazli dan semua di sini, kita akan lebih berwaspada dan tidak terperangkap dengan helah bodoh mereka.

  10. HI Zuhaidi: Nasib baik anda tidak terperangkap! 😉 Thanks for sharing your experience too.
    Hi Aida: It’s good that we are all sharing the same issue here. The more people are aware of this problem, I hope the more SHELL will be more proactive and do something. It’s just too bad that they’re not trying hard enough.
    Hi Thomas: I read in the papers that a bunch of Indonesians in Sabah were caught because they were doing this…. but I think they’re just one of the many groups involved in this. But the best thing is to just delete their SMSes and I suppose if enough people make police reports (I wonder if this can be done), the police can do much more.

  11. Oh My GOD!!!! me too… i received it just moment :(..
    the sms contents :-
    SHELL PROMOSI Tahniah! SimCard Anda tlh bertuah, MERAIH HADIAH UTAMA dr SHELL SDN BHD. Wang TUnai Rm15,000.00 Call/Sila Dial 012-8255337 Terima Kasih.
    And the funny part the real sender from this number 012-8604766

  12. Oh My GOD!!!! me too… i received it just moment :(..
    the sms contents :-
    Tahniah:anda di Pilih Tlh bertuah Meraih Hadiah UTAMA dr SHELL.BHD Wang tunai “RM19,000.00”
    Sila dail di talian 0128230874
    But i received the sms from this number 0165092452.

  13. I also received this kind of message. It was shocked that although I’m a customer of Shell petrol, I never participated in any contest. Then review back again the message, felt something wrong, why its message like Maya said so, “telah” wrote as “tlh”, “dari” wrote as “dr”. One more suspicious is the phone no.
    After that, i just reply to the sender to ask: who is there? What Shell promosi is that?, then no response at all..
    Anyway, thanks for all sharing your same experience..

  14. I have received the message just now. It somehow is not formal msg contests that you have ever seen. Dont bother to reply, everyone should send the no. and also the message you got to police for investigation. serve them right for scamming

    • Renzo, I think the public is duped because there are SO MANY SMS contests out there. By the way, another grouse – I am thinking of switching my Digi line to Maxis because Digi seems to be selling my mobile number to stupid advertisers. I get so many adverts and SMS contests stuff via my phone these days. I used to be very happy with Digi but of late, they are so commercial. Maxis is MUCH better. At least they don’t send you stupid, irrelevant SMSes.

  15. I received an SMS similar with the posted before me today. The sms content as follow:
    Tahniah KAD sim Anda tlh di Pilih Bertuah Meraih HADIAH UTAMA Office SHELL.bhd “RM 19,000,000” Sila dail di Talian 0128624668 TQ.
    The sender number: 0109415135.
    So, before I reply the SMS, I go to google and do research. I found this blog. I immediately reply the SMS and I said:
    “u just another scammers, i would like to know your office phone number”.
    Though I know Shell Malaysia office number. The sender never reply my sms since then.

    • Richard, thanks for your comment. Yes, I think the scammers are getting braver day by day. I even wrote to Shell but it seems Shell isn’t too concerned about these scams which actually is bad for Shell – I wonder why their corp comms dept is so tidak apa about this!

  16. Hi to all members here, today i also just recieve sms from the scammer +60109347529 and return “SHELL PROMOSI” Tahniah kad sim Anda tlh di Pilih Bertuah Meriah HADIAH UTAMA Office Shell.bhd “RM17,000.00” Sila dial di Talian 0178372718 TQ.
    Then, I also try to trick them back acting too innocent that i really wining the prize!!! Then i ask the guy who speak malay like indonesia sound. And i ask the guy what his name then he say Dato Abdul Rahman from Office Shell Bhd. Then i acting go to ATM machine then the guy call me to put in my ATM card then follow the instruction to winning the prize. Actually the guy wanna the maybank2u application change to their password. So, they can using maybank2u to transfer our money to the account…
    So, beware on this….Good luck !!!

  17. Saya pun dapat gak sms ni pada 13 Jul 2009 jam 08:43 dari nombor +60195377873.
    “SHELL PROMOSI” TAHNIAH KADsim Anda tlh di pilih
    “SHELL.Sdn/Bhd” Berjaya meraih HADIAH UTAMA
    “RM15,000.00” Sila dail ditalian 014-5522997 TQ.
    PS: Tak ada orang atau syarikat dalam dunia ni yang nak bagi hadiah senang-senang macam tu tanya ada keuntungan pada pihak mereka. Yang peliknya kerajaan tak ada pemantauan atau tindakan ke pada perkara semacam ni? Atau nak tunggu ada yang dah kehilangan harta atau nyawa baru mau bertindak?????

    • Tu-lah. Perkara yang patut dibuat tak diberi perhation. Perkara yang tak patut buat (teaching Science and Maths in English) diberi perhatian! Yang pelik, SHELL pun tak berapa kisah dengan spam seperti ini. Kalau nak tangkap mereka ni, senang aje. Tanyalah telco seperti DIGI dan MAXIS sebab mereka ada senarai nombor yang hantar sms dan terima sms. Telco juga patut ada talian hangat untuk konsumer merungut tentang benda-benda ni. Kalau nak pantau, boleh pantau tapi siapa nak buat kerja yang leceh ni? Itulah sebabnya kita selalu dapat sms bodoh ini. Tapi yang saya benci ialah telco sendiri juga hantar SMS bodoh seperti ‘sign up for free wallpaper’, ‘download music’.

  18. saya ingat mlm ni saya bertuah,tapi memang pun bertuah bab saya try call no tah ape2 tu,x berangkat. dengan x percaya langsung benda nih(alangkan join cabutan bertuah pon x pena menang,ni kan pulak yg x pena tau) saya terus serch kat internet.rupanya semua tu tipuuuuuuu.
    terima kasih semua kerana berkongsi semua maklumat diatas.

  19. saya dapat mesej pukul 5:44 pagi 27july2009 dari 019-8103965:
    “SHELL PROMOSI” TAHNIAH KADsim Anda tlh di pilih SHELL.Sdn/Bhd” Berjaya meraih HADIAH UTAMA “RM15,000.00” Sila dail ditalian 013-8559934
    Saya dial kedua-dua no diatas menggunakan skype. namun tidak di jawab.
    Memang SCAM.

    • Nordin – yes, it is a scam so the more people know about this scam, the less daring the scammers will be. Let’s make everyone aware of these buggers.

  20. got the same SMS today ! Looking at the past posts it aledy started in 2008 and its still alive today ! These syaitans need to be jailed !

  21. Received from +6019-5316872 today (23 Apr 2010)
    Quoted from the SMS:
    “SHELL PROMOSI Tahnia SimCARD Anda tlh di pilih SHELL SDN BHD Berjaya menangi Hadiah Utama RM 19,000.00 Sila dail di talian 0178950102 Terimah kasih”
    Already smell something fishy at the first glance; can’t even spell “Terima Kasih” correctly.

  22. Received from +60145525219 today (14 Mei 2010)
    Quoted from the SMS:
    “RM0.Promotion’s SHELL SDN BHD Tahniah Kad Sim Bertuah Meraih Hadiah Utama RM 19,000.00 Sila dail di talian 0128180521 ”
    Syukur, terselamat dari mangsa penipuan…

  23. 25 may 2010,..i also get thie sms,.so i try call the number but no aswer, try for second time also no answer,.so i rasa something wrong,..but i call pun guna public phne, call yg third time baru dpt,.ader satu suara cam bukan malay but look like indonnesia,..answer my call,…so i just asking that guy about the sms i terima,…so he asking me,.my name/my contact number,.and lastly my account number, smething i rasa yg not good, i ask that guy,.are u frm sheell company,.but he didnt answer my question at all, just cut off the line,.so i try call back tjhe two number but cannot get,…so be carefull laa,.dont give the personal detail specially yr account number/atm number,…nati all yr money finish,..the sms like this ; TAHNIAH SIM CARD ANDAERJAYA CABUTAN BETUAH DARI SHELL MINYAK SDN BHD, WANG RM15,000.00…SILA HB OFFICE 0148662838,.SENDER frm014 5512667

  24. This prize scandal still active until now, I have recieve this sms today morning. The sms is from 012 827 1386, please don’t believe in this kind of nonsense things.

  25. Ayoyo…baru dpt mesg…try search kt yahoo.. kantoi suda… hehehe.. saya menang RM20000 grand prize tuh…. hahahaha btw, bukan SHELL (M) Bhd ke… tiba2 dlm website dia tulis SHELL (M) Sdn Bhd… nampok bebenor nipunyer…. yg lagi pelik mesg tu masuk ke inbox sim BROADBAND nyer… hahahahaha manusia2..nk gi report SKMM la…

  26. Hi,just now I just received a SMS from 0168591238 this fellow say that I do win a Rm30,000 from Shell Sdn bhd . No Siri. 257888 sila call 0111-403-0626… I mean this is cheater …how stupid this people… When I checked this from yellow pages. This company didn’t shown any contact number.

  27. Dah terantuk baru tengadah. saya dah tertipu dalam paksaan sebanyak 28k. bayangkan saya baru top up & suddenly dapat sms said that I dapat hadiah dari Shell Helix melalui sim cad tersebut. saya cal no yg di beri tapi org itu suruh saya dial no Shell Sdn Bhd to get that money. sure percaya punya. then mamak tu (Ahmad Nizam Abdul Ghani – tel no 01783204030) minta acc no untul diaktifkan cek bernilai 19k (Cek dari bank rakyat no 2121592457) dia suruh masukan kad atm tapi separuh jalan minta wang cagaran sebagai jaminan CDM 5k. tanpa disedari berantaian lah wang dia minta hanya sekadar nak aktifkan cek tersebut. jika tidak duit simpanan saya akan hilang.. oleh kerana dalam bank duit saya ada banyak senanglah dia paksa saya ikut perintah sampai saya tak sanggup lagi (28K) dan duit saya katanya akan jadi wang negara kerana tak ikut arahan akhir untuk tambahan 3k lagi kerana wang saya sudah tinggal 28 sen dan dia suruh saya usahakan dengan berhutang. barulah saya rasa saya tertipu. hingga saat ini mereka masih memaksa saya (katanya wakil dari banknegara Dato Ismail Marzuki tel no; 0128230350. minta 5k untuk bayaran incometax. Wahai Shell Helix & Shell Sdn Bhd tolong jejaki orang ini.

  28. Yang ni lagi sempoi.. siap bagi laman web lagi.. mesejnya berbunyi begini: RM0.Your Card tlh brjaya dan menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr Shell (M) Bhd RM20,000.00 No.siri 9R247YK Sila dail talian: 012-8621-578 Aku telepon tengok. Mula-mula bila dia cakap tu macam dialek indon je, aku dah syak, ni mesti nak menipu. Lepas dia tanya no siri tu, dia kata betul anda bertuah kerana telah berjaya mendapat cabutan bertuah dari Shell (kononnya) sebanyak RM20k dan anda dikehendaki pergi ke ATM bla bla bla. Bila dia suruh aku pergi ke ATM, aku lagi la bertambah syak. Ingat aku ni bengong sangat ke ape. Kalau dia nak bank in kat aku buat ape aku nak pegi ke ATM pulak. Dia la kene pegi. kan kan kan. Tetibe talian terputus. mujur kredit aku dah abis. lgpun mmg kredit aku xbanyak pun. then aku pun search la kat pacik google. then terjumpe la macam2 aduan yang lebih kuran same je kisahnye. haha.. bodo punye indon. siap bgtau nama dia Haji lagi. wakakaka.. Agak-agak la nak nipu pun wahai mamat indon…

  29. Just received similar SMS today:
    Tahniah sim kad anda telah meraih HADIAH PERCUMA RM 19000 dr SHELL HELIX . No pin 552299. Sila call di Talian SHELL 0128161645.
    I was suspicious as the person on the phone speaks an Indonesian dialect.
    He asked for my account detail
    When I said I do not want to give my bank info over the phone, he put the phone down
    I called SHELL immediately. they are aware about the scam, but do not seem to bother

  30. till date, this kind of scams / sms are still being sent. i got the sms just a while ago. was quite skeptical since i do not fuel at Shell. for an impulse, it triggered me, could this be true? but then the sms doesn’t seem professional at all. furthermore the contact numbers given, are of mobile number, not land line or toll free line.
    so, i Google the company’s name, and immediately i was directed to this blog. i called up Shell’s Hotline number that was provided above. the CS said they are aware, they have lodged a report to police. i asked her to take down the number, but then the CS said they have the numbers.
    well, i thought of calling and giving d sms sender a piece of my mind, but then, i didn’t, as it is merely a waste of time.
    right now i am pondering, if Shell is aware of this, and seeing the above comments, since 2008 this kind of scam have been going on, why isn’t Shell going hard on this scammers? how long more are they going to allow this scammers to ruin their name? wake up, those in Shell…..

    • Hi Jess – Exactly! I can tell you that Shell knows BUT they are hopelessly not bothered to even try to stop these scammers. I think my blog functions are a scam alert and for that, I am grateful that everyone here shared what they went through or received in their SMS. I believe it is possible to stop these SMSes from circulating and I believe that SHELL has a responsibility to do something, anything. It’s a pity that when a company is a behemoth, they behave like behemoths! But hey they’re busy digging for petroluem in some ocean somewhere. This SMS scam is just too small on their radar!

  31. Saya baru mendapat satu SMS dari Shell Sdn Bhd pada 03/01/2013 pada jam 03. 43 pagi. begini sms dari shell sdn bhd ” YOU WINNER!!! ANDA BERJAYA MENANGI WANG CABUTAN BERTUAH RM; 17.000 FROM SHELL SDN BHD NO SIRI: 525900; SILA CALL OFFICE; +6281935327866.ABD AZIZ B. SULEMAN. Sahabat2 semua. yg menjadi muskil pada diri saya ada kerana saya tak pernah mengisi borang cabutan bertuah dari shell sdn bhd. yang kedua kenapa mereka tidak memaklumkan kemenangan ini melalui panggilan telefon. ketiga kenapa nombor telefon nya berjela jela. Walau bagaimana pun saya akan menghubungi pihak shell sdn bhd untuk kepastian tersebut. hai…siapa tak nak duit bro banyak tu.

  32. Hi Maya,I received similar SMS today.. I share the same wonder, why Shell and/or SKMM not able to catch such culprit after a looong 5 years man.! On top of this, I receive scam emails almost on daily basis. Some of them quite convincing because they claimed they are from Microsoft, Citibank and even CIA.. Not to mention from Africa and Middle East.
    If we can control our greed, we can avoid being scammed..

    • Hi Omar: Yes, it does become tiresome when the authorities and the companies don’t take any action (and let scammers spoil their good name and have all their good branding go to waste). I suspect scammers just harvest our phone numbers easily off social media these days. So yeah the best way is – if it sounds TOO good, TOO easy to make money, TOO blatant, it must be a scam. Thanks for adding to the stockpile of evidence that there’s so much of rubbish SMS these days haha.

  33. Hi Maya , I just received this sms today 1st February 2013 4.26pm. RM0.Your Card tlah brjaya dan Menangi Hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr Shell (M) Bhd RM20,000.o00 No. siri.9R247YK sila dail talian: 0111-268-9353 sms 1Malaysia. If only this thing to good to be true then I can settle a little bit of my debt.

    • Hi Joe: Most of these “too good to be true” stuff is just that – spam. I think a lot of people get duped that’s why the spammers keep sending it out hoping some “fish” will bite on the bait. I hope to educate more and more people through this blog post of mine so that the scammers and spammers will be on the losing end. At least this is my bit of community contribution, if nothing else!

  34. I got same msg as you received on today morning.
    “RM0. Your Card teah berjaya & menangai hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr Shell (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU No.siri 9R247YK Sila Dail Talian : 012-8612-729
    But, seriously this thing is shit to me. TQ


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