Gotta Love a Man Who Bakes

I realized that a lot of things can be therapeutic and relaxing. For me, it’s beading (that’s making earrings with bling, lots of them), crochet (all I wanna do is amigurumi, that’s cute animal creatures instead of some huge shawl or pullover), gardening (I find peace in weeding and killing mealy bugs) and of course cooking and baking.
Baking is of course a result of getting this cheap oven from Tesco. I mean, I’m still in the testing it out stage so no point in getting the top of the range oven. Anyway, my apartment kitchen is too small!
My latest craze is baking bread but since that last episode (of a successful bread recipe from watching Chef Michael Smith on AFC), I have not had time to bake much bread.
I have relied on Gardenia for bread.
And Gardenia is not exactly the best type of bread there is but one has to eat, so the nearest thing for breakfast is commercial bread.
But BG, a friend (yes, now I know who you are!) is a man who bakes for his wife. He bakes because it is also therapeutic.
Kneading bread is fun and I think that’s why he loves it so. Just like I like to see my dough rising. So excited over such banal everyday cooking but then again, nothing beats cooking. You get to eat the outcome!
So if you are looking for tried and tested bread recipes (BG has international tastes OK, from ciabatta to beer bread) and a no-fail approach to baking bread that is free of preservatives, you have to stop by his bread blog. As he is based in KL, he also informs where to buy bread flour! He does an excellent job of breaking down the art of making bread into something simple and homey and of course, full of love!
Gotta love a man who bakes bread right?

4 thoughts on “Gotta Love a Man Who Bakes”

  1. But all I ever have for breakfast is Gardenia Wholemeal bread ๐Ÿ˜› I think I caught the episode of Michael Smith making bread.
    I used his recipes to make some pretty nice burgers recently ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. uh-oh. this is unfamiliar terrain for me….the last time I baked, it sorta, well…..yeah, exploded. ha ha ha ha!! not exploded but it wasn’t in….one piece? i dunno what happened, really. but i might get meself one of ’em recipe books and try again ๐Ÿ™‚


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