One Bag A Time

It’s time we did something about those ugly pink plastic bags. The kind you get with everything you buy, from a loaf of Gardenia to Maggi mee.
Nic and I have stopped using plastic bags for some time now because it’s truly bad for the environment. You see, I think we aren’t idiots but sometimes people need to realize that plastic bags are firstly harmful to the environment before they get going. I have seen perfectly smart people doing dumb things when they don’t realize it.
So yes, a kick in the butt is in order. But a gentle kick because like all things Tao, there’s no pressure like gentle pressure.
I got this in my email today since I am an MNS member. Read on and spread the word!
And say no to plastic bags!
Join celebrities Harith Iskandar, Stephanie Chai, Joanna Bessey and many more at “The No Plastic Bag Concert”, an event to promote green living.
Date : 17 July 2008
Time : 7.00pm – 10.30pm
Venue : Ballroom, Eastin Hotel – light refreshments
Admission by donation : Minimum RM 50
There will be fashion shows, musical performances, green kiosks and an MNS booth.
Appearances and performances by Atilia, Chelsia Ng, Dennis Lau, Harith Iskandar, Ida Mariana, Janet Lee, Joanna Bassey, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008, Levi Li, Mia Palencia, Nell Ng, Peter Ong, Stephanie Chai, TP Lim, Tria, Sharizan Borhan, Xandria Ooi, Yang Wei Han, and many more!
This fundraising concert is jointly organised by Yayasan Nanyang Foundation & The Recyclists and supported by LiuLiGongFang.
Get your tickets at the MNS office or call MNS [ 03 – 2287 9422 ] for details.
This concert is part of Project Daily Million, a project to enlist 1 million people to make a daily pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle 1 plastic bag a day.

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