For the Love of Cinnamon

I was doing work halfway when I got the hunger pangs so I had to stop a bit and take a 5-minute break.
Working from home today after a whole morning out and about. Sometimes I need to work from home because I’m the odd sort that needs some peace and quiet to think.
The office is fine (the four of us aren’t really a noisy bunch anyway) BUT what with the phone ringing and music and such, it tends to chew my thought patterns and spit them out and then I go off in a hundred ways.
And I seriously needed to sit down and write content for ourselves as we’re in the midst of a website revamp (I’ve been doing other stuff – more like clients’ stuff all the time).
Yes, even web design firms need to revamp their websites once in a while plus this year is Redbox Studio’s 10th year in business and definitely the website needed a facelift! Not just Botox but real overhauling and revamping.
All writers need a room of their own, to write, think and write some more.
But wait, let me tell you about this discovery of mine today.
Nic and I were at the Penang Adventist Hospital to visit a dear friend and client who has some sort of infection on his shin. We hoped he had been discharged (we’d visited him two days ago and he was quite optimistic he’d be out soon) but he wasn’t. Poor thing. It’s a private room and all but I bet he was raring to get home to Langkawi as soon as the doctor said ok.
His wife had given us some cinnamon rolls she’d bought at the downstairs bakery when we visited 2 days ago.
What delight! A box of four cinnamon rolls – lightly toasted in the oven and as J told us cheerily (despite being on a drip, despite the bad shin, despite having been in hospital since Sunday) “slathered with lots of butter” – was the best thing ever, especially in the morning.
So today, we had to a chance to go to the bakery and buy ourselves a box of the walnut cinnamon rolls (RM5.80) when we visited J again.
The Penang Adventist Bakery seems to have the cinnamon rolls flying off the shelves – it must be a very popular item! The wholemeal loaf was also something most customers bought when they bought egg tarts (also four in a box), healthy buns (with soya filling) and other interesting pastries in that not so little bakery.
I know that the Adventist Bakery has an outlet in Sunshine Farlim hypermarket but not sure if they stock the cinnamon rolls. Go and find out if you’re there (make sure you ‘chop’ your parking ticket at the bakery counter or else you’d be paying a not-so-regular parking fee).
And do what I did – toast them in the oven for 10 minutes on very low heat and dig into the sweet bread.
OK, now back to work! Made you salivate a bit didn’t I? *grin*

5 thoughts on “For the Love of Cinnamon”

  1. There are pretty tasty cinnamon rolls in Continental bakery (to the side of New World Park) too. The croissants and chocolate chip muffins also receive the ‘D’ seal of approval too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    (…and this is despite stuffing myself with bukketeh for dinner and err a 1am shot of Thai durian…oh man, now I feel guilty with my Homer Simpson stomach…)

  2. Hi Alison: Thanks dear! Oh yes, let me take a snap of the roll and post it here.
    Hi d: Yes, I am a big fan of Continental Bakery too. I love the blueberry buns. I love the croissants too. I basically love everything in Continental Bakery! Yes, you are right…. gets the Mayakirana seal of approval too. You tried the Ritz Bakery in Fettes Park? I heard it’s good. Jenny’s in Pulau Tikus is also good for its chocolate cake and cheesecake.

  3. Ah yes, Continental Bakery, everybody’s favourite. My mom feels that it’s the best value for money bakery in Penang. As flour price increases, other bakeries seem to not only increase their prices but their produces have become… lighter, airy. She used to like the one at Gama, Four Leaves. Apparently, now not so good anymore.

  4. Jenny’s in P.Tikus is where we always get our birthday cakes! Actually the spaghetti in Continental isn’t that great – haven’t tried the blueberry buns yet.


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