Blinking Once, Twice…

I woke up thinking I wanted to write about my heros, Indiana Jones, David Archuleta and David Cook (what dishyness!) but got sidetracked because I read the papers. (Side note: I think Archuleta will win but Cook is a real looker!)
I often read the papers at the end of the day, when I cannot be riled up much. Sometimes though I forget and start flipping through the day’s news and then I get pissed off.
Pissed off at the news.
I mean, I am sure you have been annoyed too when you hear news on the tv or read the papers. Such ridiculousness lies in those inky pages. And to think we all pay good money to read rubbish (I now know why I still buy the papers… I just want to read the features, comics and the letters to the editor.)
The news that got me rolling my eyes was this stupid piece about how school uniforms, particularly girls’ white blouses, were the cause of all our problems.
Ya, which dinosaur said that?
I am thinking, oh you poor misguided woman of some national islamic students association, you will get it left, right and centre tomorrow in the newspaper. Oh and you get it today too from women (and men) bloggers who think you should be so ashamed of yourself!
This kind of spiel gets my blood pressure rocketing. Because you nutcase, by saying that girls’ who wear white blouses are targets for sexual crimes and the such, you have just put across the assumption that men in general are nothing but animals who cannot think beyond their loins and who would focus on a girl’s chest all the time.
Covering up, so says this Munirah Bahari, the vice-president of this archaic society, fends off social ills. Her list of ills include everything gory from whoring to babies out of wedlock. Hey why not tar everything with the same brush!
So she’s basically saying, yeah, if you’re sexy, you deserve to get raped and molested? So cover up darlings so you will be holy and pure and right and you won’t get raped. It doesn’t matter if you look like a black manta ray floating down the street, scaring the living daylights out of people.
When will we ever get this right? When will we ever stop blaming women for the wrongs made by men? And when will silly, misguided women who deserve to be stoned ever stop bleating like this and making me feel like I ought to go send her some statistics on rape and sexual crimes (besides wanting to see her face and see what sort of person would shoot off her mouth like that)?
For one, did I NOT read in the papers a few days ago of two cases of fathers raping their own children, and these children were only 4 years old? Were they wearing something sexy, Munirah?
And two, women of all shapes and sizes and in all types of clothings get raped. Grandmothers and toddlers too. Were they wearing something sexy?
Oh, and did I not read about some Harian Metro report saying that people were downloading and watching clips of girls in tudung having a wonderful threesome in some ladang kelapa sawit? It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a tudung or not, if you’re covered up or not, if you’re gatal, you’re gatal all the way through. Don’t blame the clothes.
When I was in Form 6 so many years ago, we were not supposed to wear any colourful bras underneath our white blouses and blue knee-length skirts. Supposedly our black bras would attract the wrong kind of attention!
Do you know what they made us do?
We had to wear a ‘singlet’ over our bras and then we donned our white blouses. (To this day, I hated that fat toad of a headmistress in those 2 years of Form 6. She’s probably a jelmaan of a type of Munirah Bahari.)
Because I have a streak of rebellion in me, I did not wear a ‘singlet’ but a sexy lace up white piece just enough to cover my black bra from showing. They could not penalise me because ha, I did wear something over my black bra BUT they could not decide if that sexy white lace up piece was a singlet or not. Oh, the school prefects did check but they never got around to penalising me.
But see, simple-minded thinking is so dangerous.
The basic assumptions are that: men are weak creatures, women can make the men cave in, women wear sexy clothes, so men can’t help but rape and molest, but hey, they cannot be blamed because you know, they’re weak, remember?
Oh and we women, we dangerous women are still vixens and devils in disguise. We’re temptresses. We’re like pontianak to lure helpless, naive men to their deaths.
Come on lah, what century are we living in?

6 thoughts on “Blinking Once, Twice…”

  1. I was JUST about to do a post on that ridiculous article! Then my Google Reader beeped me that you’ve done it already. Kudos to you! I didn’t read the papers actually, it was a friend who copy and pasted from the Star online while we were chatting. The moment I read the header I was already laughing. I was just thinking, “Now why didn’t I see that coming?” So funny lah. Girls in school uniform are sexy. Poor Standard Ones who haven’t even been introduced to that word yet.
    If that’s sexy… then what about nurses in those ever-white uniforms?
    Truth is, as long as those perverted freaks with twisted minds are around, no matter what we wear, it will always turn them on.
    Seriously, that girl should just don an Eskimo suit and live in the Sahara desert. The only things that can ever give her a ‘poke’ would be the cacti. 😛

  2. That article was the talk of my section of the office today!
    Since men are weak and we women are dangerous, we should be ruling the world then.

  3. Hi Vern: Eh, you do a post la and then I link to you. I love hearing other people’s take on this. All intelligent beings must protest this stupid thing. How dare it even appear in the news! I want to go wrap Margaret’s cat poo in it! You know, I never felt sexy in my school uniform. Did you? I thought it was hot and bothersome, all that pinafore thing and then in Form 6, it was better coz it was just the blouse and skirt. Even so, I thought we all looked so dowdy! Ya, what of nurses’ uniforms huh? Poke? She doesn’t deserve a single column inch of newspaper I tell ya. I wanna shake her head and see if there’s anything in that cranium!
    Hi Gette: Yes, if women ruled the world, we’d have less issues because most women (with the exception of some) have commonsense and compassion. I was on the verge of saying some four-letter word, almost sputtered when I read the news.

  4. Hi Vern: You’re back? You’re back? SMS lah. Can go din-din or lunch….
    Hi d: Black is beautiful, no? Black bras are practical you know. Skin coloured bras are so ‘auntie’!


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