Friends for Life

Well, Lisa came up to Penang for the weekend. We had lunches and spent time on the beach, just sitting around and talking. It’s so good to see her again. The last time I saw her was in KL, in August last year.
Of course, she introduced me to a new makan place this time around. She had to do the faves – her faves like Ananda Bhawans for tosai and kesari (yummy) but she did not manage to get to 747 at the YMCA Penang to eat her favourite ‘tai chow’. I took her to Ramen Wang in Pulau Tikus but that was such a disappointment. I will reveal why in another post later.
I’d like to think that we have different friends for different phases of our lives. Lisa’s one of those ‘accidental’ pals. We knew each other through other friends but we really didn’t hit it off until she was posted to Penang to work in 2006.
We soon latched onto each other because we both loved food and travel.
It was a pity when she took on another job in Cyberjaya and left in 2007, some 14 months after she started enjoying her leisurely life in Penang. I had told her Penang would be an eye-opener for her (this was prior to her moving up here and she was initially afraid she would be lonely).
Penang may be traffic-choked and full of crazy motorists who honk (with her Wilayah number plate, did she get honked plenty!). But getting to work was just a 5 minutes’ drive from Pulau Tikus down to her office at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. The Church of Immaculate Conception was about 2 minutes’ walk from her rented apartment.
Actually Pulau Tikus is a marvellous place to live in – banks, makan, shopping, and everything else was within reach. I don’t live there but I can see how Lisa fell in love with her newfound freedom and lifestyle. On Sundays, she’d teach the children at church.
Don’t you love it when life presents you with different friends for different seasons?

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  1. Different friends for different seasons? Life has often presented me with such friends, like yourself. Am sure you remember how we sort of ‘bumped’ into each other under the most unusual circumstances but I am not going to rant about it here as it is spoken oft enough. The other friend that I am glad life has presented to me would be this lady who offered me a place to stay when I decided enough is enough and walked out of my marriage with practically 2 suitcases in my hands. She put me up with no questions asked and gave me the emotional support then and now we are best of friends. I would do anything for her, just like what she did for me. I thanked God for her

  2. Hi Kate: Ya, our story needs to be retold. I can still smile when I remembered how I conned you! Oh dear. And felt so guilty afterwards. Good friends always are there for you, no matter what. And the friendship grows stronger with each passing day. And hey, look at where we’re at now. We’ve gone through many upheavals in our lives too…. but we’re still friends. That’s more than just a season… it’s been a couple of seasons!

  3. Here I am 15 days later. Sitting here at 2 am on 1st May reading my dearest friend’s blog. I miss you both K & N, truly. If I could relive the 14 months again in Penang, I would do it all over again. Not just for Pulau Tikus, but for the dearest friends that God has brought to me and made them part of my life.
    The last 2 days have hit me hard, how short life can be. You may be here today but gone the next day. If some of you has (secret) interest in reading the orbituary, you may have spotted my dear ex-colleague and friend, the late Adrian Hoh orbituary on Tues papers. I walked into office on Tues morning getting all set for the day when I received an SMS from an ex colleague informing me of the wick and funeral for Adrian. I crashed into my office chair in total disbelieve. My friend Adrian was going to be 38 this coming June. He was intelligent, hardworking, competitive and good looking. He was struck with a heart attack at the wee hours of Sunday morning while having teh tarik with his friends who were his PhD classmates. He left the world and gone home to the Lord without parting words to his parents, girlfriend, colleagues and friends. How sudden and how unexpected.
    Friends for life.

  4. Hi woman: I actually saw the obituary for Adrian Hoh. I have a habit of reading obituary pages. Don’t ask why. I think the people who have passed away have interesting lives, had parents/friends/colleagues who cared for them, had a LIFE before it was snuffed out, sudden or not. I wondered about him because it was such a unique obit message. And he looked young. So sorry for the loss of a good pal. I have had my share of friends dying too….and it’s always like a ton of bricks when you find out. Suddenly the world no longer seems so normal. And we realize our mortality much more. That’s why I tell myself to cherish every day. Every moment is precious and every time you catch yourself saying, I wish I did that… well, go ahead and do it. And you know Nic and I will always welcome your visits up here to Penang. Margaret too! 😉

  5. Adrian was good looking was he not? Well this was one orbit that has some connection. I am sure Adrian had lived a fulfilling life. Was successful. He was doing his Phd. Goes to the gym often, did Yoga, have lots of friends. As far as I can remember, when he was passionate about something he goes all the way….
    You are right, I realize how short life can be. Here today and gone tomorrow. Sounding like Bridget Jones writing in her diary – ” Must keep up with friends.” ; “2 Tosai, 1 Kasari…Weight – 70kg” ; “Must run for 40 minutes on threadmill”. blah blah….I have been thinking about my friends for the whole week and more so my life. Wondered whether I have done enough for my friends, for my family or been there for them. What if I don’t make through the following day? Some months ago, I tried contacting Adrian but guess he changed his number. He worked for the office who help completed my building apartment. I never got around to calling to say hello. And now, he is gone.
    Lots to think about….see you guys soon. Stroke Margaret for me! Cheers.


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