A Little Interruption…

Well, I interrupt the regular Kuching Diary with something which I am so excited about.
And you know I do not simply recommend something unless I find it exceptional and remarkable.
Meanderings online, be it for work or otherwise, often can be productive. Like this afternoon. I was compiling some articles to produce an e-book when I decided to check out the Creative Commons blog.
For those of you not in the know about Creative Commons, well, you can find out more here.
Yep, I’m that “lazy”” mode. Except that I am also in the “excited” mode.
Anyway, a couple of clicks later, I also found taaaaaaaddaaaaa….. Songza!
Says the Creative Commons blog: Songza allows users to search for any song or band and listen immediately using a simple, elegant interface. It is rapidly becoming the central place on the Web to find and listen to music.
Songza is super cool. 😉 It is the music search engine AND an internet juke box. It lets you both search and play your fave music.
I knew it was cool but I didn’t know how cool until I chatted with my cousin on Yahoo. She’s still at work (and presumably so should I but then again, who doesn’t chat during work?) and I told her to check out Songza.
Immediate response: Cooler than cool because she found some musicians she has not been able to find!
My cousin has some strange unique music tastes you know. I often scroll her Nokia searching for eclectic songs to beam over to my Sony. Yup, that’s the thing we cousins do these days. Beam songs via Bluetooth to each other. She introduced me to music by Lee Min Woo, Namie Amura and Jamie Cullum.
Anyway, you must try Songza for yourself. You absolutely must!

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