Yellow Ribbon

I first got an email from Anne, dear old Anne who said we could all bunk in with her if we didn’t mind her parquet floor in PJ if we were arriving for the big do.
I would’ve gone, if I hadn’t had to go to Langkawi last Thursday.
Heck, I would’ve gone to listen to Anwar too at Sunway Hotel, Seberang Perai if I weren’t on Langkawi.
Mylene called to invite me over for that event but I wasn’t in Penang last weekend. She was pretty excited and pumped up and told me that it was a fantastic gathering of people and NGOs, all wanting to ‘stop the rot’.
The things I miss! Sheesh.
Anyway, Beth emailed (yes, Beth, my travel writing class instructor) just a couple of minutes ago and said her letter would be in cyberspace/on a blog. It was written and sent to most mainstream newspapers but hell, you think anyone would publish it?
So that’s that but that doesn’t mean I cannot do something to help her letter be read and read again.
Once a journalism student, always a journalism student (dear Zaharom would be so proud). So head on over to Elizabeth Wong’s blog to read Beth’s eloquent piece, her open letter to the Prime Minister, based on last Saturday’s march. (It’s a march, a peaceful one but semantic witches and wizards say it’s a ‘riot’.)
Read Beth’s letter at
Was just thinking whether to don some yellow sometime. Then again, I realised I don’t have any yellow clothes!

2 thoughts on “Yellow Ribbon”

  1. and to think i was happily doing work in melaka and not know anything about it until monday when i read jeff ooi’s blog!! oh boy! this is going to be one interesting election!
    got the meme, will find some quiet time to digest, dream a little, then write. 🙂

  2. Alison: Take your time with the meme. Yes, it’s amazing isn’t it when people group together for a social cause! Hope to see you during Xmas!


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