Kopi and Piko

I am starting this week by continuing on the theme of giving and sharing. This week, I believe I shall give u-jean and Michelle’s cause some publicity because they’re doing what they believe is best at this moment.

I know Michelle because she helped organise/cooordinate Beth’s travel writing workshop which I took not too long ago. u-jean is someone I had watched perform last year at the Heritage Heboh performance; she played the role of the very Chinese-looking kapitan Cina (you can see the photos and see her right in front, in her light blue coolie baju).
Later I found out that she was a friend of a good friend and that’s how we ended up reading each other’s blogs and then we kept bumping into each other! (I last bumped into her and Michelle at Kayu Nasi Kandar. Fancy that! We live around this same area so the incidence of meeting each other is high.)
u-jean and Michelle have taken up a cause which I support wholeheartedly.
Of course cynicism abound. People will criticise good intentions. People will ask you why you’re so naive and full of idealistic notions. But hey, that’s what being young and carefree and alive is about.
Sure we cannot help everyone and help everything. But we can start with one. We can start with ourselves and removing some of the sarcasm-wrapped jadedness.
These two girls (one a USM undergrad and the other, a Form 6 student who is now taking her STPM exams) decided to help a puppy in pain.
And they sent out SOS emails.
If one doesn’t ask, one doesn’t know right?
They asked, appealed and pleaded and they managed to raise money for Kopi.
But they still need more money. So if you can help (and this being the run-up to December where we want to give and share and all) do help these girls out. And yes, I wouldn’t ask you to help if I didn’t start first.
I believe that blogs and emails can do so much so I hope you can dig into your generous hearts not only for these puppies but to support these young women who exemplify what is right with the world today.
Read this: http://u-jean.blogspot.com/2007/11/need-i-need-donation-to-pay-for.html
Then read this: http://u-jean.blogspot.com/2007/11/updates-on-puppies-and-need-more.html
And finally, see this: http://u-jean.blogspot.com/2007/11/visit-to-piko-and-kopi.html

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