The Odd Couple…You Know Any?

Do you know any odd coupling? No, not that sort. Not humans, not that weirdo boyfriend of your best pal whom you detest. Not that sort of odd couple.
I mean, food couple.
Odd food couples are foods which don’t usually go together but which we pair them up together and eat them with each other.

Can’t think of any?
How about dipping McDonalds french fries into McDonalds sundae? This seems to be the most famous odd couple I know. I was introduced to this odd way of eating/enjoying McDonalds ice cream and fries by a few uni friends of mine about a decade ago.
It’s at first quite freaky – imagine dipping a warm piece of potato into creamy, cold ice cream. It gets better as your brain tells you, hey, it’s not such a bad combination after all.
Another odd food combination is one introduced by my bro-in-law. He likes dipping freshly fried yu char kueh into piping hot KFC Whipped Potato! At first, I was reluctant to even try it. Whatever for? But even my three-year old nephew loves this way of eating yu char kueh. Just dip the “oily fried ghost” (OK, literal translation of yu char kueh) into Colonel Sanders’ soft mashed potato and you are in absolute heaven.
Nic also has a way of enjoying watermelon and starfruit. He dips these sliced fruits into salt before he eats them as this ‘salt-dipping’ enhances the sweetness of the fruits. I was appalled initially. I never knew such a thing and I ridiculed him. Later I found out this was true. Just a little bit of salt brings out the sweetness of juicy watermelon and counteracts the tartness of starfruit.
Of course there is the one odd food pairing which I recoil each time I watch my mom do it. She adores local durians you see and each time the season rolls around, she’ll buy a few durians and gets dad to open them up.
Next she picks out the fresh durian and puts them into a tupperware and into the fridge they go. She next cooks rice (in a regular rice cooker la) and onto this hot, steaming rice, she adds her cold durian.
As kids, my sisters and I used to go “ewwww” whenever she ate that in front of us! We’d run helter skelter because the idea of eating hot rice with cold durian affronted our kiddie sensibilities!
My uncle does it more gently. He puts cold durian flesh onto warm pulut and adds santan and gula melaka and mixes this whole thing up into a gooey, disgusting looking splat of thing. Using his fingers, he’d eat this whole mash up! Of course, taste-wise, it is fantastic. Creamy durian, with the milkiness of fresh santan (with a little salt added) and sweetness of the gula melaka on top of sticky pulut rice… total enjoyment!
Oh and back in Kuching, Nic tells me the locals have a favourite way of eating ‘siew mai’ or steamed meat dumplings. Kuchingites eat ‘siew mai’ and wash it down with soya bean milk! Here we do it with Chinese tea of course but at the open air market in downtown Kuching, that’s the way they’ve eaten their ‘siew mai’ for years and years! I’ve never tried that yet. Any Kuchingites can vouch for this?
How about you? Do you know any odd food pairings?

16 thoughts on “The Odd Couple…You Know Any?”

  1. Erm.. Siew Mai washed down with Soy drink isn’t wierd to Kuchingites. But having grass jelly with soy drink is odd. Taste doesn’t mix at all. I love the open air combination and I do miss the siew mai. If you were to say more odd combination, I guess there is lots more..
    I’m a Kuchingite based in Melbourne and Aussies give me a very wierd look when I have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They think it’s odd.

  2. Hmmmm… looks like Nic isn’t the only one around who dips his watermelon bits into salt and savor the taste. BK gives the same justification as Nic too. Sorry this time around, couldn’t think of any food pairing cos maybe I am the less adventurous type and I tend to stick to ‘safe’ versions.

  3. 1.) i recoment all of you to try greentea ice cream with some lime juice on top…!
    2.) krista, dun you think kuching laksa with lots of limau also weird? but taste great…! boss, limau extra lar sikit… same as maggi mee goreng, rite?
    3.) yellowant in kuching lately do alot of yiu char kueh dip with kuching laksa soup, and she say it taste superb!
    can’t think of others… hmm…hmmm…

  4. Vern: Those combinations sound rich and fattening! Must try murtabak with mayo. Just thought of one combination – raw egg with fresh and hot milk from Line Clear nasi kandar, Penang Road. Must drink hot otherwise … nasty!
    Patrick: OK, now I REALLY must try siew mai with soya bean milk the next time I am in Kuching. 😉
    Kate: I was hoping you’d have your special odd combination or two. You’re creative, think of something!
    Hoyoyi: Oh, my friends told me that brinjals in sarawak laksa soup also tastes very good….. she added some leftover brinjals into the laksa soup which I gave her and she says it’s good. Laksa with limau is OK, not too weird.
    UnkaLeong: Haha, that is true….. to remove that “mau see” smell of papaya, some tell me.
    Siewheymui: Warm milk and honey….. yum.Not odd at all.
    d: Eh not fair. You’re supposed to contribute your odd couple combination. By the way, congrats on winning the Red Devil! You going for that event on 23rd?

  5. Ah.. that’s one facade of me that you may not have known about me! I may be witty and can communicate without prompt or on my feet, but when it comes to food coupling, I shall give it a miss. Furthermore, my maxim is “eat to live” and not the reverse.

  6. SiewMai with soy drink. Remember the sweet chilli sauce that comes with it.
    One of my friend from Japan introduced me this.. IndoMie and the Japanese Mayonaise. Taste great.
    Porridge with vegemite or Bovril? That’s super yummy. I love that myself!
    When I was in uni, one of my american friend is obsessed with sambal chilli. Sambal with vanilla ice cream? OMG.. I almost puke when I see that.. Sambal with bread as a spread? Basically sambal with anything.

  7. Oh, whatever you do, do NOT try Diet Coke with Mentos…uh uh… bad idea. Unless you want a small explosion in your tummy all the way up and out of your mouth and endless burpings!

  8. Hi I am new to ur blog 🙂 Found it pretty amusing and interesting too.
    Just to share my fair share of odd coupling experience – My hubby loves to have his Nutella sandwich together with ham, cheese with lettuce together with chilli sauce. Sounds odd right? Somehow the taste just came together 😛

  9. eh????? your father’s style of eating durian a little bit like mine. Make sure everything is so messed up until nothing is recognisable then eat with your hands. I add salt and sugar into it as well…..oh YUM YUM YUM… looks absolutely gross but taste like heaven!!!!

  10. Hi BN: Nutella with ham and cheese. OK. Now that’s weird. You see, when anyone blogs about food, everyone jumps in with their share of goodies.
    Marsha: Ya, my uncle’s style of eating durian pulut is scary. Gross things and bad things always taste the best!


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