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I got this in my inbox just now and I know I won’t be able to physically support this charitable cause (as I am not in KL or Selangor) but I know I can rely on the goodwill of those of you who regularly read my blog to help spread the word. Plus, many of you are in KL and Selangor and if you are around the Mines Shopping Mall area, do drop by and check it out.
It came from this 31-year old guy called Tan Chuan Yen who suffers from cerebral palsy. He’s a student at the Mines ICT Able Training Institute and his institute is having a charity sale of branded t-shirts to raise funds.
Here’s what his email read:
Our institute is having MINES ICT Charity Sale Campaign at 1st Floor, Mines Shopping Fair (beside of the McDonald’s Restaurant) everyday from 11:00am to 10:00pm starting from 18th April 2007. We are selling branded clothing there at RM10 each.
The fund will be donated to our institute. Hope you can kindly support our institute and/or forward this news to your family, relatives & friends. Hope they can kindly support our institute too.
For further requires, please kindly contact Alison Wong at: 03-8948 8981.

Knowing me, I am rather skeptical these days (what with bogus Buddhist monks and fake non-profits and fake charity tickets!) so I decided to poke around their website at
Datuk Fong Chan Onn is their president and you can find out more about the committee and team members.
What resonates with me is that this institute is helping the disabled using ICT, which is basically my field and industry! Their website says that their aim is to “equip the disabled with the skills and alternative options to pursue a fuller and more meaningful life.”
ICT is a fantastic way to equip the disabled because they can work from home and they can do something truly empowering for themselves and their community. All they need is an Internet-enabled PC and they can do wonders, without having to contend with unfriendly public transport such as buses (which is a big issue in Penang right now because the new batch of buses will not cater for the disabled first… reason being, the bus system needs to be tested before they can buy the more expensive, disabled-friendly type of bus.)
Anyway, Nic and I always believe that it’s often good to not only give fish but to teach those in need how to fish. That’s why one of our favourite charities is The Montfort Boys Town in Shah Alam. Teaching skills to those in need will last them a lifetime; the boys and girls (yes, Montfort now accepts girls) will have skill sets and knowledge which nothing can take away.
So if you are in KL or live near Mines, or just want to buy some t-shirts as gifts, do go and check it out.
And please help spread the word too!

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  1. Dearie, knowing that you have updated your blog gives me a sense of relief knowing that you are ‘alive and kicking’. Pardon that phrase though but this is my only avenue of getting in touch with you since you no longer chat online. Take good care, my dear friend.
    p.s. Won’t be able to attend the above cos I am out of town till next week.


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