Sighing over Supper…

Almost zonked out from sheer tiredness today.
Woke up early to meet a friend for breakfast at McD’s Sunrise Tower but let me tell you, I really don’t see what the big fuss is about. (By the way, my Godmother who is in her 50s, loves the McD Breakfast although she’s very careful about what she eats!) Really, if it weren’t for the stay-as-long-as-you-like environment and aircond, I would really have settled for some kopitiam somewhere in Gurney Drive or Pulau Tikus.
I am not a biggie fan of fast food. It’s not due to the fat and grease, either. I just don’t think it’s real food. I take fast food like McD’s or KFC whenever I am at airports so go figure. Fast food is the last option of mine. It’s a quick bite on the go, and a convenient food for those times when heck, any old rubbish will do.
Of course, at times I do get cravings for meat. During one of our nightly mahjong sessions, my cousin and I suddenly got this real hunger for KFC. We imagined tucking into nicely fried, crispy fried chicken ala the Colonel. We stopped playing mahjong for a while and we hopped into my trusty Baby (hey, don’t you name your cars too?) and we zipped into IJM Batu Lanchang for some takeaway fried chicken and yes, those cheesy wedges (that’s the only saving grace of this place, besides the fried chicken).
But once we had gorged ourselves silly (and became totally ‘jelak’ on the cheese and grease), we swore we’d never touch another fried chicken again for at least 3 months. That happens to us when we overstuff ourselves with all manner of KFC, or even McD.
The fast food topic came up again during lunch again today with a few friends. We were talking about fast food and WC said that yes, sometimes, he really has no choice when it comes to filling one’s tummy at 2am. It was the lesser of two evils – either nasi kandar or McD. He says he usually pops into McDonalds Greenlane (which is open 24 hours) after midnight and there’s a queue of cars at the drive-thru. And sometimes he has to wait for his orders to be ready. And yes, there’s quite a number of hungry folks at night.
It seems there’s also this double promo at McD’s Greenlane where you get two huge burgers or something. Oh, it happens after midnight. Who’d want to chomp on not one, but TWO burgers? Apparently, I may be the odd one out. Most people would happily do so! Supper or an early breakfast? Maybe both!
Speaking of supper, I try not to eat after 1am. It wrecks havoc on my system anyway and I can’t sleep after that. During my uni days, supper was the ‘in’ thing on campus. In USM, we always sought each other out for supper. And having supper during the much-loved Study Week (hey, it should be renamed Supper Week) is a must, on the assumption that a full stomach made revision and the retention of facts much easier.
But I had a roommate from Kelantan who would take the same old supper each night. Siew Peng was one year my senior and we shared a room in Desa Aman (with another gal so there were 3 of us in one supertiny room).
Each night, Siew Peng would cook a packet of Maggi Mee Kari the undergrad way – dump noodles into bowl, pour boiling hot water over, cover for 3 minutes and then dig in. Each night, the smell of Maggi Mee Kari would assault my senses, particularly on nights when I had no night classes or when I had no co-curricular meetings.
Oh, the smell of Maggi Mee Kari. Awful! It’s so ‘synthetic’ even Margaret my cat won’t eat it. Yet, night after night, Siew Peng walloped one whole bowl of it. And she was a tiny gal, mind you. She was truly ‘powered’ by Maggi Mee Kari!
On the other hand, Nic and his roommates had weird suppers. They’d make a feast out of it – imagine making soft boiled eggs (the really runny type) and mixing Brands Chicken Essence with the eggs and glugging (eating? slurping?) the whole mixture down.
Eeeeuuuuwww. Gross. And they do this after they each eat a bowl of Mamee noodles. It enhanced their brain power. Or so the guys justified their supper. See? I tell you, boys are oddities. Especially a bunch of bored boys whose idea of fun is permeating their hostel room with the smell of luncheon meat cooked in an electric sandwich-maker. That’s definitely another story for another time.
But supper. It’s so Malaysian, right? Where do you go for supper? Or do you make your own?

7 thoughts on “Sighing over Supper…”

  1. Like most of the population out there (particularly, Penangites) it was the lesser of two evils – either nasi kandar (Pelita or Kayu) or McD! Sometimes, even the malay burger stall by the roadside which sells sloppy burgers, when I’m really really desperate! Rarely though, my maid will cook instant noodles (the hassle of cleaning up) if I make too much noise.
    Either way, you’re damn right, it’s so Malaysian!

  2. Back home, I don’t take supper. But now that I’m in campus, I do take supper on weekends after my tennis sessions. We’d walk to the nearby mamak stall or if we’re lucky a friend would drive us to a better mamak stall somewhere a bit further. Our usual would be roti canai, maggi goreng accompanied by teh ‘O’ ais. When I stay up late nights during study week the most I would take would be a cup of hot Milo and some biscuits.
    Oh, and I’M HOME, young lady!! :))

  3. I seldom take supper as I go to bed very early (10pm) ;p . What to do, need to wake up early the next morning (5:30am) and I need to ensure I have enough sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to know you.

  4. Hi matrianklw,
    Well, you’re lucky to have a maid to cook noodles for you! Yes, supper is so Malaysian huh. Read about your trip down for the bloggers’ meet. You do take the time and you do make the effort. Good lah!
    Hi Old Lady
    Hot Milo and biscuits? Haha, that’s what an old lady should eat! Oooh, so you’re home! OK, we can plan something yeah. Is it your semester break? Or your own holiday? ๐Ÿ˜‰ One never knows ya these days. Or you’re back for the long term break?

  5. Heya! Got to your blog here from Lydia’s. Love this post — how can one be truly Malaysian without the habit of supper-ing and owning a nice belly to boast about it? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Maggi Mee Goreng is my fav midnite snack when I’m out mamak-ing with pals. What better way to catch up with friends? Syiok only gossiping or arguing about football results or just about any topic under the moon.
    But if I’m at home, then supper is a mug of Milo kaw kaw plus a slice of wholemeal bread slathered 100% pure peanut butter. Yumssss all the way to dreamland! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Hi Chiat Peng,
    Glad you came by. By the way folks, Chiat Peng is a wonder with her hands. She creates lovely rings and earrings and has a stall at the Upper Penang Road Little Penang Market. Find out more about her in my most recent post (To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig).
    Hey Kenny,
    Wah, I’ve heard good things about you from Lydia’s blog. You’ve been her little elf! Ah yes, if there’s something we Malaysians have in common, it’s supper! Yes, Milo seems to be the #1 beverage of choice. I am sure Nestle is laughing all the way to the bank – you should see how the aunties go nuts when Sunshine Square (a local shopping place here in Penang) has a sale on Milo! I am a big Milo fan too. Do you eat Milo out of the tin with a spoon?


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