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Well, this is a quick plug for my aunt’s once-a-year jam tart business.
Mrs Wong (that’s my aunt, my dad’s sister) is soooo shy about promoting her business that it is actually good that I have a big mouth and a blog. Everyone pitches in to help my dear aunt to market her tarts although her tarts actually market themselves due to their utter fabulousness (but then again, I am biased and I digress)… but really we are amazed that she herself does it all each year.
Ah, my aunt only makes them during this Chinese New Year season. She makes them ALL by hand. She doesn’t hire any Indon maid or anyone else to help her because of her stringent quality control. Each tart must meet Mrs Wong’s own rigorous and exacting standard- generous filling of not-too-sweet pineapple jam rolled in a melt-in-your-mouth buttery crust that’s baked just so.
You can never stop at one monster tart. I call them monster tarts because my aunt believes that one must never be stingy with ingredients and one must get the absolute best from each piece. Even if that means her tarts are huge compared to the miserly things we call cookies in the supermarkets.
Anyway, I did blog about her and how you can order from her directly (I’m just the messenger) in last year’s post at https://mayakirana.com/blog/?p=94
One jar of approx. 45 tarts are priced at RM21 (the same price as last year’s even though eggs and butter have become more expensive – I told her to raise prices because it is justified, what with inflated prices of raw ingredients but Mrs Wong is the kindest, nicest person I know, so kind that she won’t raise her prices…sigh).
Only available to Penangites because you have to collect the tarts from her house – she does not do deliveries not because she won’t but because she can’t – her whole day is full of baking and more baking! And no, she doesn’t bake any other type of cookies. Only jam tarts. That’s her specialty.
Order fast if you want some because she stops baking about 5 days before CNY. (Click on the link above to get her phone number.)
Over and out.

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