Real Life Princess…and We Had a Conversation!

Well, 1 November was a momentous day for Nic and me. We were invited to the launch of a client’s website, well, because we designed it for them but more importantly, they wanted us to be there to thank us and let us have the opportunity to meet a real life princess. The last time I had anything to do with royalty was back in the days when I was a Girl Guide in Selangor (I’ve been a Girl Guide since I was 13).Girl Guides are always asked to help out for charity events, sports days, well, whatever event you needed spare hands to help. It so happened once that we were asked to help during Raya at the King’s Istana to pack and give out food packs to the guests who arrived at the palace.
I must have been 13 or 14 and we were absolutely awed by the glittering decor and furniture in the palace! I still remembered how we were so knackered after the whole morning of helping pack the food packs. Plus thirsty too.
No one bothered to give us mere girls any water so the entrepid girls that we were, we went in search of water. We couldn’t find any and had to drink tap water from the taps in one of the bathrooms in the palace!
OK, don’t go euwwwww. I know how awful it sounds but I was 13, I was thirsty and my friends and I weren’t going to die of heatstroke and thirst in the palace of the Agong. And we were Girl Guides so drinking tap water wasn’t going to kill us.
Anyhow, that’s how close I got to royalty – sipping water from the royal bathroom!
But 1 November was the real thing – we actually met and spoke to Her Royal Highness, The Tengku Puan Pahang, Tunku Hajjah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah binti Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj or better known as Tunku Azizah.

I’ve seen her on TV and in the papers but she looked amazing in real life. Short of gushing, I found her to be every bit of a true royalty – sparkling, witty and motherly kind. With smiles and handshakes for everyone who was introduced to her. No airs at all.

Ah, to be of blue blood!

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