Roti Canai at Argyll Road

This used to be a ramshackle place where the roof is the blue sky and the big pokok sena tree. Well, it isn’t so rundown now because they’ve put a zinc roof to shield their customers from the sun and rain. Plus the old house is no longer there. Still, the Argyll Road roti canai is a lepak place for breakfast.

Cleanliness levels may not be high – yes, this is a Malaysian roadside stall we are talking about here – but the food is yummy.

Ambience-wise, they do have something going on although the old house is torn down and the area partially fenced up. You can get a soft breeze on good days.

The Indian-Muslims of this place sell regular Malaysian breakfast fare such as roti canai, roti telur and murtabak. Their chicken curry is good but Nic says their kopi is even better. Me, I’m not a coffee drinker so I took a sip but didn’t find it fantastic. My milky-rich tea was creamy enough though I do wish these mamak fellas would go slow on the sugar.

You get a sizeable crowd of Malaysians here for breakfast – Chinese families with kids in tow, dating Malay couples, elderly Indians. Everyone just enjoys the food under whatever’s left of the pokok sena (the tree is still there, intact).

Maybe the crowds return because the prices are reasonable and the roti is good (the roti telur is fragrant and crispy! Good enough on its own without lashings of curry or dhal). Roti canai under the big pokok sena – this is Georgetown, Penang, after all!

How to get there: From Upper Penang Road, go past Cititel Hotel and the Indian cinema/Odeon. Turn right into Argyll Road when you see an Indian restaurant on your right. You will see a big parking lot on your left after you turn into the road. The roti canai stall is about 100m from the turn-in.

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