Breakfast at The Loaf, Langkawi

Although we were in Langkawi last July, we missed the opening of The Loaf, Bakery & Bistro at Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park by a few days as we had come home earlier. So this time around, I told myself that I had to visit.

If you don’t know yet, The Loaf is owned by Tun M as he is fondly known in Langkawi. Tun M being our ex-Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir. That is reason enough to pay a visit to The Loaf! Two types of visitors abound – those who are simply curious and want to find out what it’s all about and if Tun’s bakery is all that it is made out to be. The other type of visitor is probably a foodie and wants to follow where the stomach takes her! I am a combination of both so yes, a visit to the most famous bakery in Langkawi was in order.

Ann told us that we simply must go because of the breads, the sheer fantabulousness of the place, the attention to even the minutest detail and of course, the gorgeous view of the quay as one enjoys a leisurely breakfast at the bistro.

Located in a three-storey building by itself, The Loaf on the ground floor is elegantly Japanese; understandably so as Tun M’s partner is a Japanese (The first and second floor is actually Tun’s office cum apartment whenever he comes to Langkawi).

You can see the kitchen and the staff at work if you come in via the side entrance. The main kitchen with all the high-tech baking equipment (also where they knead the dough and bake bread) is located at another building, just a skip away.

Ann revealed that the bakery’s uncompromising attention to quality breads means two shifts work at any time. The real bread chefs clock-in at midnight to knead the dough and make the breads, buns and loaves till the next morning. When the staff arrive at seven in the morning, the chefs’ jobs are done. All that’s needed is to pop the dough into the oven and bake them in batches and bring them to the bakery throughout the morning. The best time to come is mid-morning as all varieties of breads and buns are just out from the oven!

Anyway, we arrived at ten-ish – a good time as the sun was bright and the boats and yachts rocked gently on the harbour. The bakery & bistro smelt heavenly – I am definitely a bread fan.

You can sit outside, al-fresco and watch the yachts rocking gently on the waves and imagine, just for a while, you are in Ibiza or Monaco. Or if the sun’s too warm, take a seat inside and be lulled by the bread-y scent!

I ordered the American Breakfast set (RM29+) – a hefty mushroom omelette accompanied by hash browns, chicken sausages, light salad with toasted bread and the melt-in-the-mouth almond croissant.

The breakfast set also came with tea/coffee and real orange juice (like Ann says, “not those diluted stuff but freshly squeezed juice, you know”). Butter, strawberry jam, marmalade and kaya for the toasted bread came in exquisite dishes!
Nic opted for Tun’s Favourite (RM22+) which was a unique Malaysian breakfast comprising a bowl of fragrant mutton curry (you can opt for beef too), two soft boiled eggs and chunky toasted bread. Dipping bread into the thick spicy curry is a charming way to have one’s breakfast!

After my large American Breakfast, I could not try any of the pastries or the breads but we went back two days later for another round; this time, just to try the breads. I loved the quiche loraine (RM7) – each mouthful is rich and meaty!

I also enjoyed the Focaccia Chili (RM5), a plain but tasty focaccia with bits of chopped chili, black sesame seeds and herbs. Nic picked the house favourite croissant (RM5) to go with his espresso. He also chose the Boronaise (RM5), a bun filled with minced beef ala bolognaise. Yum!
Beverages start from RM8 while bread and buns start from RM4 onwards.

I also spied the Sicillian Riccotta Cheesecake – a lowfat Italian cheesecake with white chocolate, honey and ricotta cheese and filo pastry. Oooh! Besides, they have fig tarts, bostock aux fleurs (a brioche of cream cheese, Belgian butter and dry apricots), baguette levain (or what we know as the regular French loaf), Rueben sandwich made up of toasted rye, pastrami, swiss cheese and sauerkraut, chapeus, and lots more.

The Loaf is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8am to 11pm daily except Thursday. The wait staff are attentive and friendly and you’ll probably enjoy yourself so much that you’ll be chatting with the Executive Chef, Chandran in no time.(Psst…by the way, he’s Sarawakian!)
When you are here, take your time. You must enjoy some things in life.
Breakfast on the quay is one of them.

The Loaf, Lot C9, Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park, Pantai Kok, 07000 Langkawi. Tel: 04 959 4866
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9 thoughts on “Breakfast at The Loaf, Langkawi”

  1. Love your ambience in Langkawi. Would like to find out where I can enjoy your delicacies in Kuala Lumpur or any where in the Klang Valley? Thank you.

  2. The Loaf has newly opened at The Pavilion @ Bukit Bintang. Just went there this afternoon and wow the breads were nice! The ambience is also great and the place was swarmed with people. Go pay a visit there 😉

  3. Hi Zalan: Yes I will, when I get to The Pavilion! Thanks for the heads-up! Langkawi’s one has a charm of its own…maybe its the air on the island!
    Hi Noor Liza: Zalan has answered your question. 😉

  4. Hi Geetha
    Good question.
    Shall ask them the next round I am in Langkawi.
    I think they bring out the breakfast menu till late morning.
    After that they have a lunch menu and also a dinner menu.
    So I think they only serve breakfast during breakfast hours.

  5. haha, hi again. went to The Loaf in Langkawi last week during CNY hols! It was SUPERB!~ Only then that i really felt like i’m on a vacation, haha! u’re right, it has it’s own charm over there. very nice! i’m gonna blog about it soon 😛

  6. Hi Zalan: Wah, with such positive word-of-mouth, I am sure Dr M will be beaming like a Cheshire cat. But yes, it does have some sort of charm – this bakery is absolutely lovely!


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