Mad Start, Mad Week

I thought I could get some rest after my hectic KL trip but it seems that it’s not to be! There should be a holiday after a holiday as post-holiday is just as bad as pre-holiday. Anyway, the upside is, I work for myself so if I think I can wing it, I can just vegetate in front of the TV (tsk, tsk….).
But I am also the sort to feel utterly guilty if I don’t engage in some form of productive work. I think this ‘guilt phobia’ of mine is debilitating; it punctures some of the best moments of lepak!
Nic on the other hand can be such a hippo. He can laze about, or lie about and be so carefree about life even when deadlines are approaching. Maybe that’s why women cannot gain the upperhand in this battle of the sexes; we’ve never learnt how to let go and relax when it’s needed.
But it’s a mad start to a mad week. I can foresee a number of appointments this week which would eat up my time. I’ve got a proposal to complete (which I am not looking forward to – I mean, who looks forward to doing proposals?), I’ve also got a KL friend coming up to visit and I get to be her driver for the day (hurray for me… hmmm) and I’ve got a Mother’s Day lunch to plan for later this week.
And blast it, I’ve got a cough and the sniffles and they’re both party-drowners. In between feeling bleah and out of sorts, I am trying to come to terms with this humid, horrible weather in Penang. It’s rainy, and then sunny, and then rainy again. Which explains my nasal congestion and my ugh-feeling.
It’s odd that weather affects us all so badly. I don’t mind cloudy or rainy days – in fact I love petrichor – the scent of rain on dry earth – but too many cloudy, murky, grey days tends to drag the spirits down. After a while, I am longing for some sunny days. That’s why yellow is my favourite hue. It’s sunshine, it’s happy and it’s so uplifting!
Not getting enough sunlight makes people grouchy too. But many women I know shy away from the sun. Afraid of getting tanned (ah, the euphemism for getting dark!) and thus, not pretty any more! I think a healthy tan is always much more delightful than a pallid pallour. I know a woman who picks her sports activities based on the sun level. Is it indoor or outdoors? If indoors, she’ll gamely take you on. If outdoors, she’ll be the first to scurry away.
Maybe I have to get out and sun myself on a rock, like an iguana. Maybe then this cold will wither away.

2 thoughts on “Mad Start, Mad Week”

  1. Maybe you are experiencing SAD, a very common feeling in the cloudy, rainy, tea-drinking country. Hopefully things will be better after the 15th of the lunar month.

  2. Hi Giovoni,
    You are spot-on. I am feeling much better now. When I checked my biorhythm, it matched the date I started to feel unwell, and it was totally uncanny how true it was.


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