Thought of These in the Shower

I thought of these truisms (well, to me they are anyway but I won’t tell you what sort of experiences I went through just to have these succinct snappy phrases but some were quite harrowing) while showering just now.
Just now as in 10 minutes ago. Yes, there is a heat spell in Penang. The heat seeps into my skin and I am drenched in sweat, all the time. Noon times are worse. The heat just blazes. That’s why I was in the shower at half past midnight. Though never tell older folks (aunts, mom, grandma) as they’ll tell me it’s no good bathing at night. Can get rheumatism, you know.
One thing I usually get in the shower are ideas! I do my best thinking in the bathroom, while showering.
Here are some truisms of mine. See if you agree.
1. If you want to argue, be a class act. Don’t argue like a harlot.
2. Get your last word in. But practice witty repartees for that one single shot. You either get it or you don’t. Not everyone is Churchill or Wilde.
3. Stoop to conquer, if you can. And read Oliver Goldsmith too. A master if there ever was one. Read him for Literature a long long time ago.
4. Your academic advisor can be a beast but in the end, he’s rooting for you. So take whatever he dishes out and take it humbly.
5. A girl always needs a bunch of fantastic caring girlfriends who’d drive to her home in the middle of the night to help her nurse a broken heart. And who’d never miss a beat in calling a spade a spade.
6. Don’t ask why some people prefer cabbages when they can have broccoli.
7. When you’re too tired to even try one asana, you’re ready for six. Inertia is always around the corner. The secret is to run away from it.
8. Finish whatever you’ve started. This can include anything from knitting a bag to learning how to say no. Accomplishments boost the ego like no other.
9. Only be picky about the books you read and the people you hang out with.
And finally, when I was 14, Best Pal asked me how do I know if I find the right guy.
“Well, close your eyes. Pucker up those lips. And if you can imagine Frenchkissing this particular guy, he’s for you.”
Yes, that was my ultimate test. Because you cannot, absolutely cannot share saliva with a guy you dislike.

6 thoughts on “Thought of These in the Shower”

  1. In Ba Zi analysis, a high weighting of water means intelligence. And showering, in Maya’s case, means surrounding herself with intelligence but a mysterious type of intelligence because it is yin water (as oppose to yang water; yin water in Ba Zi is a bit different from Feng Shui). Think the morning mist which is there and yet at the same time is not there. It is like the reflective image in the mirror when one looks at it – is it you in the mirror: yes, is it really you in the mirror: no. Which brings to something I have been wondering for some time: perhaps Maya can enlighten us about the name she has chosen.

  2. Dear Giovoni: Very astute observations. I do not know much about Ba Zi (I keep thinking of Joey Yap when that’s mentioned) or Feng Shui. What I do know is that I am Piscean, I love water, and water has always been my connection to the metaphysical. Many have asked me why I chose Maya Kirana and…. the answer is in my next blog entry. Don’t miss it. 😉

  3. i sure m one of those guys u can never imagine frenchkissing with huh??? hahahah..kidding.
    that’s an awful lots of things flowing in your mind in the ‘hawng naam’…hehehe, good, keep up your vibrant mind.

  4. Maya, virtual as your name may mean…I couldn’t agree with you more on us gals needing to have a bunch of gal pals just to listen to us while the nite away. Hubbies are good, but nothing beats a gal pal!!!


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