I don’t usually feel so bummed but today (and all of yesterday evening) I was. Most times I am quite chirpy and happy-go-lucky.
Noticed the darn missing comments on all my posts? Arrrgh! They’re gone. Gone.
Don’t ask me where it’s gone. Gobbled by the Internet monster maybe.
In fact, I was so busy the past few days that I did not have time to check in on my blog. Then good friend Kate sms-ed and rang me to ask me why my blog had all these weird codes across the top of it.
True enough there they were, codes bare naked for the world. Like the intestines of the blog split open.
I’m a non-techie so I had to call Nic for an SOS. He was on his way out to see a friend/client for dinner and chat and told me MayaKirana would just have to wait until he got home.
So that’s why it was only fixed early this morning. But I was bummed when I found out that the problem “ate” my comments section. On the upside though, I’m now using the new WordPress version – which is lots cooler than the older version.
Hope to get the comments part back soon!
PS. Actually I had wanted to blog about attending Dr M’s talk on Building the Nation which he gave in USM last Monday. The hall was packed and warm, with standing room only. I have never seen Dr M in the flesh so this chance was as good as gold! He’s as caustic as ever. More bite than ever. Witty and charismatic. Fielded questions like the real pro that he was. And more spritely, more energetic than most 80 year olds I know. I wish I knew what supplements he’s taking. I wouldn’t mind half of those myself if I could look that impressive at 80. But sycophants were aplenty. In true Malaysian style. Ergh.

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