Where Men Are Bored…

Nic came up with an insight yesterday when we were out shopping for Chinese New Year clothes at the local shopping mall.
We had just entered the Ladies Department and it being a Sunday, was crammed full of people, men, women, children, teens.
I was looking for some underwear so that’s where Nic and I were headed.
But I don’t like to torture Nic so when he said he’ll be on the floor upstairs looking at his stuff, meaning Swiss army knives, nunchakus and etc, I told him, sure, go ahead.
All around me were bored men or men who looked so pitiful you wanted to go up and ask them, hey, why look so glum? Most of the men, regardless of whether they were young or old, hung around lifelessly as their wives and girlfriends picked their clothes, undies, whatever. The men had this morose look on their faces. Passive and uninterested. In a word, bored as hell. Nic has that look too if I drag him to the underwear section. (Again, men who loiter about in the underwear section look everywhere BUT at the bras and thongs!)
But before Nic scooted off to drool over his “toys”, he asked me: “Why can’t the supermarket or mall have a special room for men to wait while their wives buy bras and panties? Maybe a room with some hi-tech gadgets and stuff, you know, like PDAs and PCs with free WiFi and techno gadgets magazines to keep them occupied while they wait?”
That’s a great idea actually.
Like a dentist’s or doctor’s office where you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs while you do so.
Yeah, why not? Most men will gladly enter the Ladies Department then!
And they won’t look like lions who’ve had their teeth pulled either.
Then again, the other question is, why won’t women let their men go off elsewhere while they dawdle over which bra to buy and which panty to go with their bras?
Women want their men to shop with them because it shows their men love them I guess. I don’t want my other half to have this hangdog look while I do my shopping so I really prefer him to do something he likes.
Just as I don’t want to shop with him when he goes and salivates over his Swiss army knives and what-not. My eyes glaze over too and five minutes is pure torture when that happens. I get restless and my eyes roll unceremoniously.
So I think, if I love him, I let him go… to shop at the section he loves! ๐Ÿ˜‰
And let me choose my bras in peace!

7 thoughts on “Where Men Are Bored…”

  1. Wah-yo, I’d have to rent a horse-pulled chariot to get my husband to enter the women’s undies section with me. In fact, I would prefer it if no one (kids included) goes into the underwear section with me.
    I see lots of men loitering around punching into their PDAs and handphones in the underwear section and mentally ask them…”Mister, do you mind go and punch your gadget somewhere else. I don’t like people to see me choose my underwear”. I mean, it’s true. Strange men loitering around the women’s underwear section are not welcome, in my eye.
    “Oi, got nowhere else to go ah? Go buy a printer or a knife or something lah! Why you staring at the lacy bra that I am holding? You want to buy for me, izzit???!!!”

  2. Hi Marsha, Haha, true. I pity them, these hapless souls dragged into the bras section and looking forlorn and uncomfortable. Speaking of which, we women happily go into the Men’s Briefs section without batting an eye. I’ll be laughing at the styles of some briefs… some are so odd and some try to keep up with the women’s thongs styles and all.
    Hi Lydia: Yah, that’s the way I like it too. It’s easier to shop plus he won’t scream when he sees the prices of bras. Actually Nic has asked me, why are women’s bras so expensive? I really have no idea. After all it’s just what… a couple of pieces of cloth sewed together? Hmmm!

  3. Lydia, I understand the bra bit. Yeah maybe wire and stuff costs a bit. But what about thongs? And speaking of thongs, the only people who enjoy it are the men! Someone told me once that thongs create ‘wedgies’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you keep tugging at it every 30 mins or so to keep it from riding high. Any ideas people on how to wear a thong properly or am I just a minority who does NOT like thongs?

  4. Having only met you twice, it’s a bit disturbing to suddenly read of you buying bras and thongs and err I think I shall stop there. However technology has allowed men to trundle off – introducing the mobile phone…
    Personally I find a good bookshop passes time very quickly.


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