For Roveeth Ethan K.

Like Lydia says, we all have seasons in our lives. While hers has produced edibles, mine hasn’t been that epicurean. Like her creative phases, mine has been a hodge-podge of stuff… mostly creating things with my hands, when I am not glued to the laptop on most days.
I started with cross-stitch because that was the in thing back in the 80s (God, I feel so old talking about the 80s!). I couldn’t make my cross-stitch look neat at the back- end though the front-end looked pleasant. I made table runners, bookmarks, pillow cases and more. My sis trumped me because she’s such a neat freak. Her handiwork was much better than mine in many ways.
Then it was making teddy bears. I actually paid for a class which taught how to cut up scraps of American cotton, sew the pieces by hand and assemble the bear, part by part. It was fun initially but how many bears can one make before the bears become tiresome? (If you notice, the denim bear on the top of my blog was the result of hours of painstaking stitches. Don’t ask. Sewing with denim is the most torturous work for a person who does not use a thimble.) Some six bears later, I grew a bit weary of trying to sew the bear’s nose just right. So if you got a bear from me, consider yourself lucky. Truly limited editions!
Now I’ve come back to crochet. Crochet has been a fave of mine since young because I was too poor to buy my Barbie any glamour dresses. I crocheted party dresses for my Sailor Girl Barbie because I could not save enough to get her regular clothes (which costed a bomb back then and still costs a bomb today!). And anyway, whatever money I had I splurged on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series so really, necessity was the mother of learning crochet.
I’m now crocheting a baby blanket in cornfield blue for my Best Friend’s baby, Roveeth Ethan K. who was born on Nov 2. He’s really a DeepaRaya baby. It’s been sometime since I’ve crocheted anything that huge. But I figured that I best create something with my own hands. Why get store-bought stuff when my own two hands can create something beautiful and meaningful for dear Rov?
At the moment it is halfway to completion. For crocheters who want to know, I am using a Silver No.6 hook and Minlon yarn No.41. About 4 skeins of it. And did you know that crochet is good exercise for the hands? Read that crocheters (well, die-hard crocheters at least) do not face arthritis problems in their twilight years as their fingers get a whole lot of workout during the meditative and lulling crochet sessions.

The tools you need for crochet…just a hook and some lovely yarn!

Closer look at the stitches which are trebles by the way. A series of repetitive trebles.

4 thoughts on “For Roveeth Ethan K.”

  1. I’ve done teddy-bears too (like the one that you did) for a church project and another made with checked material for my baby. Crochet too, but only a couple of pieces, odds-and-ends really, no staying power!! All the best with the baby blanket – the colour combination is so sweet.

  2. hi lydia
    ooh the baby’s mom loved the blanket, a bit out of shape though. am planning to crochet Rov a matching cap and mittens later.


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