Make Your (Own) Funny Story

It’s one of those days that you just want to kick back and start savouring the weekend. (Yes, even for people who work at home like me.)
I got this by poking around someone’s blog and found it to be just the thing to trigger some creativity in all of us. It’s fun and it’s definitely fast. I just did one in under 5 minutes so if you want to humour yourself, and your friends, and show off a bit of your film-making skills, this is the place for you. It includes some great music too. And if you’re well-versed in Flash, you can contribute your skills and create a character or two.
But before that, have a look at my own movie here.
(The speed is a bit fast, and there’s no way I could tweak the speed but I hope it’s readable! If not, you can play it again and again!)

2 thoughts on “Make Your (Own) Funny Story”

  1. hiya keat
    you think i could beat SePeT? 😉 or at least beat Bernard Chauly’s Gol & Gincu? Eh did i tell you Chauly was my senior in MassComm at USM aeons ago?


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