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Time has a way of zipping by these days so I am absolutely sorry if I have not been as frequent as I should in updating my blog. I’ve got a bunch of entries ready but I’ve got to upload some photos too (which really means I’ve to resize them! Not FUN!). Tried a Korean restaurant a few days ago and had my fill of Japanese sashimi just yesterday.
On a personal note, my emotions have not been what they seem to be. My Grandma is not herself these days and we’re all quite worried. Grandma is 82 years old this year and we had planned on celebrating her birthday in style as befitting her grand dame status. Yet she’s rather unwell, to put it mildly. Oh no. It’s not like she’s ill or anything. She isn’t.
She’s just… not herself.
Not as active as before. Mentally, she’s quite alert. But she doesn’t want to get out of bed, citing lethargy and tiredness.
She doesn’t even come downstairs anymore (she loves walking up and down the double-storey semi-detached house of hers).
She eats very little, like a bird.
No one can figure out what is wrong. The doctor came and went, and gave her a nice, thorough check-up. She’s okay.
But we know she’s NOT okay.
Not since Qing Ming. And the spookiest thing is that she mentioned she saw “someone” follow her home after she visited Grandpa’s grave!
Chinese superstitions or not, the elderly and the very young (babies) are not advised to go for Qing Ming. They may “see” or “feel” energies of the graves and then, either fall sick or cry incessantly.
I just hope she’ll be okay enough to cut her birthday cake.

2 thoughts on “Not Herself”

  1. I am thinking the same thing about my own grandma. She has been in the wheelchair talking about death and strange shadows all year now. The maid that we have employed for her appear to want to bolt everytime she mentions stange things. I pity the poor maid. And my grandma can rattle on and on and on about the same thing for ages….and then she stops, thinks and repeats herself, not remembering what was already being said. I guess, they’re sort of like….you know, preparing for Dr. Death, in a way. I know I am not a superstitious person too but then, when it comes to your loved ones, we would want to err on the side of caution…take care and love your grandma a lot!!:-)

  2. Hi Marsha:
    Thanks dear for dropping by. Yeah, whatever it is, I hope my Grandma is OK. She’s one of the most generous and fun people I know. She lost her husband much earlier in life and she’s got a lot of inner strength to bring up nine kids. But I’ve never seen her sad or glum, instead she is always there with kind encouragement and a cheerful grin.


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