Wear a Socially Conscious Skirt

Over the past week, I’ve been thinking of what to write.
It’s not that I am at a loss for ideas.
I got around thinking this because this blog is for friends and family to catch up with me and my adventures (though most times, the adventures aren’t the Rin Tin Tin type!). I am a regular person, running a business and on the side, I run other things too (cue evil Madame Cruella cackle).
As it’s for real people, I’m not going to write fluff.
And you guys know me better.
I won’t write fluff.
I’m sensible in that sort of way.
And I always want to make this blog as meaningful as possible too. I won’t write crap though crap is sometimes so much easier to spew.
I won’t write anything that isn’t positive or life-affirming.
So that’s why sometimes there isn’t an update for a whole week and then comes a flood of stuff. I only want to share the best with people I love and people who know me and hopefully, love me (yeah, I know you do…. just kidding ok).
I’ve been approached even to put ads here. Yep. On this blog.
But no, that doesn’t feel right. This is Mayakirana, after all. I make enough money running my business and I know the few cents from running an ad won’t be enough to buy me Wall’s Moo ice cream (which, by the way, is my favourite ice cream this season – it’s ice cream sandwiched between 2 chocolate biscuits.)
Anyway, in a world where every blog is overrun by ads and blinking-in-your-face-audacity, isn’t it a relief to visit a blog that’s so Zen and advertisement-free?
And today,today I have something inspiring to share. It’s a beautiful forwarded email from my best pal, Jana.
The email was about Letha Sandison who started a social entreprenuership project in Uganda. The project helps Ugandan women earn a living and help themselves. It read:
She founded Wrap Up Africa which is an organization that helps provide jobs through local partnerships where the profits will be funneled back to community support programs through non-profit partners. Wrap Up Africa collaborates with the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda to help with the growing and often unrecognized needs of the patients.
Letha has designed wrap skirts to fit any body type. She then trains local Ugandans (many of them are parents of cancer patients) to sew the skirts…providing them with a job that not only helps their family live a little more comfortably but helps care for their dear child who has cancer. She gets so much joy out of seeing these parents feel as though they have a sense of purpose now because sitting around and waiting was just too painful.

It says, “A skill, a skirt, a life saved” which cleverly epitomises what Letha’s Wrap Up Africa (WUA) project is about.
WUA teaches Ugandan women tailoring skills and lets them use sewing machines at the Ugandan Cancer Institute. Later these women sew wrap-around skirts which are then bought back by WUA to sell back in the States.
The profit made from selling these skirts are used by the cancer institute to fund programmes and activities for cancer patients such as cancer treatment, nutritional programmes, scholarship programmes, therapeutic arts programme for cancer patients, setting up a library and buying basic necessities like mosquite nets for the patients.
I thought it was a fabulous way to give back.
A simple idea becomes a life-saving idea. You get a skirt, the Ugandans get to live, you feel damn good parading in your skirt.
Shouldn’t life be meaningful like this?
wrap up africa
The Wrap Up Africa skirts are sold on Etsy at 100 dolllars a pop.