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Remember that story about Guang Ming wanting to know how I made yogurt at home?
Well, they featured my how-to as well as a tiny picture of me holding a tub of yogurt on 20 March 2011.
[Li Choo, the Guang Ming reporter, recently emailed me the link to the feature on the Guang Ming website. Here’s the link: http://www.guangming.com.my/node/98904?tid=46 This online report also includes photos of how I made my yogurt in a step-by-step way.]
It was published about 2 weeks after I gave the photos to the journalist. It was also a day before our trip to Hong Kong which meant if it had been later, I would not have managed to run down to the Indian news vendor to grab a copy. The journalist had SMSed me and told me it was appearing in the Sunday edition – this was a feature you see.

Featured in Guang Ming newspaper 20 March 2011
Featured in Guang Ming newspaper 20 March 2011

The thing is, I am still a newbie at Mandarin so my reading skills aren’t terribly exciting. I can manage roughly to get an idea what the feature said. Hope to get it translated one day by my aunt.
But if you want the English version, you can get the yogurt recipe here – I call it the pictorial guide.

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  1. When I was looking for the yogurt article in GuangMing, I found this article :
    From my limited Chinese (too), I gather that he has planted a lot of herbs and also vanilla. Maybe you could check the place out since he’s from Penang.
    Not sure whether you can visit the ‘farm’ but I think he sells them at the Little Penang Market (Upper Penang Road) on the last Sunday of the month.
    His contact no. is 04 -8281172 / 016-4031280
    Please update me if you do contact/visit him.

    • Hi Poh Lin: Thanks! I will check him out. I would like to try growing vanilla if I could. When I was in Kerala, vanilla vines were grown with pepper plants. With Kerala weather somewhat like ours in Malaysia, I am sure this is not an impossible feat. Thanks for the heads-up!

      • Apparently he sells at the Little Penang Street Market. Will go check it out – the market is happening this weekend. 😉 I used googletranslate to help me make sense of the article.

    • Yes, I did. I found an elderly couple selling herbs and plants. So I went over and asked her if she grew vanilla. She said no. Maybe it wasn’t her. ;-(


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