Win Professor Gerard Bodeker's Book

If you want to win a beautiful and informative book written by an expert on Malaysian herbs, then this is the contest for you!
Professor Bodeker, the author of “Health and Beauty from the Rainforest: Malaysian Traditions of Ramuan” is a senior faculty member in public health at Oxford University, an Associate of Oxford’s Institute of International Development, and Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York. He holds a doctorate from Harvard and is editor of the WHO’s Global Atlas of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
His book, “Health and Beauty from the Rainforest: Malaysian Traditions of Ramuan” is a celebration of Malaysia’s traditional healthcare and beautycare, collecting the best of Malay, Chinese and Indian healing systems and putting them into one book.
This book was launched about 2 months ago so it’s still new and it’s still hot!
(Pssttt….Actually Paul saw this book when he was browsing in Kinokuniya KL and was so impressed that he bought copies of the book direct from its Singaporean publisher to give out to his friends and distributors! That’s why he thought, why not give it out to his blog readers too? That’s how the idea bloomed. That’s how YOU too can win this book for free.)
To win this book worth US$30 (approx RM100), you don’t need to write any slogans or buy any product to qualify.
All it needs is some quick words on your behalf – just tell Paul Penders Company what you feel about its blog , if you have any suggestions, if you want the Paul Penders team of bloggers (Shirley and Steen) to write about something which you feel has not been covered before in the blog, or if you just have something you want to say about the Paul Penders blog.
Yup, Paul Penders Co. is giving away this glossy book to those who write in with their ideas, suggestions or even give their two bits about what they think about the official Paul Penders blog.
I can’t win the book because I’m going to help Paul and Steen pick the winners when the contest ends on 16 August.
But you can! That’s why I’m hollering to the world on this blog of mine.
Spread the word around and get family and friends to join this contest.
Better still, if you can, tweet about this or put this on your blog. You’ll be giving your readers a chance to own a gorgeous piece of Malaysiana!

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