Penang Shows People Power

I am so happy and excited to be a Penangite tonight!
Really, a new dawn for Penang.
We won! We WON! DAP-PKR won. YES! YES! YES!
See the latest results from MalaysiaKini.
I don’t know if I can even sleep tonight. And it’s probably 1 million times more exciting and amazing for the DAP. Not only have they gotten what they want, they’re also going to form the state government!
I recalled getting huffed up about my godmother and grand-aunt telling me I should vote for BN when I spoke to them this afternoon. Mein Gott!
Of course I voted today. It was all over in 5 minutes at SK Keong Hoe, Sg Dua but even at 11 this morning, I could sense that something BIG was going to happen.
And it has!
Congrats to DAP & PKR. Way to go!
We, Penangites, take the lead in sending a serious message about people power!

2 thoughts on “Penang Shows People Power”

  1. Malaysiakini website seems to have collapsed under the weight of multiple downloads. My wife was interested up to a point until it didn’t work then…she went to Youtube!
    What’s also weird is that the lady on TV7 who is discussing election results was the lady who rubber stamped the sale of our flat (before she went to work as a NGO)! Strange but true.
    It’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow.
    P.S. The Star has always been a bit crap in terms of local news (although it does have a relatively good Section 2).


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