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I was back from Kuching on the 30th but somehow or other, so many things got in the way of proper blogging. It didn’t help that I was probably half comatose while in Kuching what with the awful dial-up services. We could only access the Internet at midnight! And that made me so grateful for broadband services here in Penang.
This year is my 10th year visiting Kuching. No kidding. I remember my first visit (before I got married) in 1998 – even my lecturer knew about my maiden trip because we were in a group presentation that morning and I had to finish my presentation section by noon. I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight and everyone in my final year undergrad class knew. Thank God he was a jolly understanding person and didn’t flinch when we five girls rushed through it all.
Anyway, timing-wise, I came home to lots of stuff. Preparing for CNY is one of those things that stress me out. Cleaning the apartment, for instance. Ugh! I cannot believe Nic and I accummulate that much of junk. Our store room looks like a junkyard. I swore to myself that I would not be buying anything else this year if I didn’t clear out the store room.
Of course, wrapping up work is another. Luckily we’re taking it slow this month and have paced ourselves. It helps to have staff too whom we can delegate work to!
The other is sending gifts to good friends which is something we will be re-considering next year. Not that we don’t value our friends anymore. It’s just too tiring to drive about Penang passing out cookies.
Above all, I am looking forward to the next few days of pure rest (and gambling and eating and catching up with my large extended family). This year I will be in Penang, unlike past years where I was in Kuching with Nic’s family. I will miss the grand Kuching fireworks though. Kuchingites are mad about their fireworks (which of course are illegal lah but fun to watch nevertheless!).
I will be blogging too especially on my Kuching escapades and yes, putting up photos! Of what I saw, ate and did in Kuching city.
While most offices close from 6th Feb till 10th Feb, we’ll be off work till 12th Feb. That’s sometimes the advantage of being one’s own boss – we dictate how many days off we need. I think I need 2 extra days to recover from all that feasting.
Happy Chinese New Year! I know it’s going to be a great year ahead.

6 thoughts on “Back in Action”

  1. Gong Xi Fai Choi!!!
    Just out of curiosity, what sort of things do you classify as junk & how of it do you really have? A whole room?
    Our CNY’s not been the best – we went down to Port Klang with a sick daughter and we returned 3 days later… with a sick daughter. Even with 3 doctors in my wife’s family home, they couldn’t do much so sometimes it shows you how out of control of life you really are… and how miserable & noisy little women can be!

  2. Hi Vern: Haha, I was still cleaning up to the eve of CNY, as you probably know! Thanks for the yummy stuff!
    D: Kung Hei Fatt Choi to you! Well, junk are things which you aren’t going to use today, tomorrow or in 3 months’ time. Mostly old stuff. Of course, I have a box of memorabilia – that’s not junk la. Just too ‘sayang’ to throw out. Oh poor you. Sick kids aren’t fun. I had loads of that – my sister’s kids, Vinnie and Vincent, both drove me nuts during the CNY hols. I had lots of mahjong sessions too 😉

  3. Good to see you back in action. Hope the Kuching trip went well but then again reading your Part 1- Part ??? of your Kuching diary.. I guessed pretty much that you did. Missed your posts while you were away… but what the heck! A girl got to have her break sometimes. I am off to Bangkok this Saturday and will be there for a week… to relax, shop and see. Bangkok.. here I come!

  4. Mahjong? Pah! We were playing ‘chor di dee’ down in Klang!! 😉
    Yeah, I even went on a 4 game winning streak. However I did manage to lose a game holding 3 of the big 2s but my brother in law bettered me – he managed to lose a game holding all 4 of the 2s…!


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