Due to the bad flu which I had for the past couple of days, there wasn’t much I could do except take plenty of naps and rest. In a way, I’m glad for this ME time.
I had time to rest, read, declutter my emails.
I had time to think.
I had time to look back at 2007 and all the experiences it brought me.
I had a fabulous time in 2007. Yes, I am talking about it as if it is over when today is the last day of the year.
In fact, 2007 was better than 2006.
Bought and read lots of books. Amassed some good clients too. Watched The Secret. Spoke on blogging at KDU. Spent more time with my family. Attended 2 music fests. Won a DIGI Competition. Met and made new friends. Made positive choices about what to do with my money. Increased my earning power tremendously. Wrote for The Western Australian News. Took Beth Yahp’s writing class – best money I ever spent. Met inspiring people and writers. Organised a couple of teas and lunches for our WomenBizSENSE group. Moved to a bigger office. Soup blog makes me new friends from New York and Australia. Went on a sunset cruise in Langkawi. Learnt new hobbies – jewellery-making and scrapbooking. Attended lots of art exhibitions. Enhanced my spirituality in so many ways – attended Dhamma talks, read Buddhist books with a renewed interest in Paritta chanting. Exercised more too.
Yet 2007 was also the year my grandmother passed on. The year I stopped calling my best friend a ‘best friend’. The year my other grandmother turned into a child again with her senility. The year I learnt that saying a firm no didn’t mean I had to supply a list of reasons. The year where I learnt too that I’m not responsible for other people’s lives. The year I learnt about forgiveness.
Derek sms-ed me today asking how was I seeing 2008? Well, Derek, my answer is this: I am seeing 2008 with lots of hope and joy. I know tomorrow heralds another great year. I can speak for myself – I have this overpoweringly insane optimism in me which lets me know that 2008 will be just as fine. No matter what crazy mistakes I made in 2007, I always start afresh with a new year.
I am also grateful. Grateful for everything that I am enjoying right now. And loving every moment.
When I was driving home from Banting to Penang last Wednesday, I remembered reminding myself to enjoy the beautiful scenery which unfolded on both sides of the highway. I love reaching Ipoh because the limestone mountains were a welcome sight. The amazing waterfall at Lata Kinjang was another sight to behold. The miles and miles of green. I knew I wanted to reach Penang as quick as I can before the workday jam began on the Penang Bridge but I also wanted to savour Malaysia at her bestest. It’s not the destination; it was also the journey which mattered. Cliche. Maybe. But true.
And so I learnt how to take a moment and inhale and just be.
I am looking forward to many more moments of being in 2008. Wishing you plenty of these moments too!

5 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. We all get nostalgic at this time of the year, don’t we? I think about the things I’ve seen and done throughout this memorable year — it’s strange but for the first time, New Year’s Eve and New Year actually mean something to me. 2007’s been hectic, fun even, but I really feel like kicking off my shoes and just relax as the year ends and a new one begins. Most probably because I’ve done so much this year, especially in terms of discovering myself and the people around me. Kris, thank you for the priceless friendship (and good food) we share and for not ‘looking down’ on me because of our age gap. I really learned a lot from you.
    Will buzz you when I’m back in Penang. Have a fantastic 2008! 😉

  2. Yes, New Year’s Eve and the coming of the New Year always makes one nostalgic and the self-exploration process begins of what have been done, what was not done and what could be done. An extremely accepted normal practice throughout the world. My question is “Why should one wait for this time of the year to reflect? Anytime is a good time. In fact, it should be done on a quarterly-basis cos it surely is too late to correct/amend about anything that was not done right by that time of the year. I subscribe to this method. I have my professional and personal goals drawn up with deadlines (very important) as goals without deadlines would remain dreams till the next year come along. Then, I have a weekly checklist to track the progress of these goals. The purpose of the checklist is to ‘chunk’ the bigger goals to manageable actions which are less intimidating that a big picture if you get what I mean. Btw, good to know that you have spent 2007 wisely and productively. This is part of a growing process and we are constantly learning to improve ourselves. Hope 2008 would bring better tidings for you personally and professionally

  3. Hi Vern: Friendship doesn’t talk about age! I am glad we belong on the same wavelength. Talk to you soon when you get home.
    HI Kate: Yes, I like the way you’ve mapped things out especially your resolutions. You’re so right when you say that you need measurable goals, otherwise they’ll just be another silly resolution with no end in sight. Here’s another thing you could use… this is a mindmapping software which helps me keep track of all the things I want to do. It’s free and to use it you register first…. and you can also share your mindmaps. Go to

  4. Hi d: Yes, Banting to Penang is far. Well, KL to Penang is about 397 km. Factor in Banting and you add in another 27 km or so although I use the KESAS Highway to cut out to the Ipoh/JB/Cyberjaya exit. But still, far…. so yes, I think of my dear friends when I am driving long distances.


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